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Does this really put out 10,000 lumens?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by MiZZuRKeD, Dec 13, 2010.

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    Not too sure if the lumens output is correct but T5s are pretty awesome when coupled with the right reflector...

    At least in the world of aquariums!

    However with that said HPS/MH isnt super expensive...
  2. I have one that I use for supplemental lighting. It is very bright, I may start using it more to save on light bill. I can't count lumens, but yep, very bright.
  3. i have a 4 foot hydrofarm 4 tube diesener T5 that is rated at 20000 lumens and 216 watts so ya i believe it. 54 watt HO bulb, 5000 lumens a bulb so ya seems like the one your lookin at would be 10000 homie
  4. damn that light is perfect for me setup.

    an incredible amount of light coming from there.

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