Does this qualify for a growroom

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Tokelosh, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Well, at least I am trying. It is the only space available that I intend to use for vegetative growth. I am thinking of a separate setup for flowering.
    The light is 400W HPS, I changed to 400WMH afterwards.


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  2. The plants!!!

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  3. Yeah I don't see why not. Looks like a decent place to grow to me.
  4. I guess it was after all not that practical to share growroom space with my "mechanical horse" It is also stressfull for the plants when one has to open the door everytime you need your vehicle and they are in the dark period. I decided to move them outside under the big halide. At least I managed to induce flowering during their 12/12 period inside. They also became too big or rather tall. I hope they finish off well. I will post a pic soon.

  5. HIGH All, *LOL* many a time we've shared a room with a "mechanical horse" . They look good Tokelosh and yes give them there time in the dark it's sooo important.
  6. is that a toyota in the garage?....Peace out....Sid
  7. can u show us some pics of the new grow spot?
  8. Nope Sid, it is not a Toyota, it is a Alfa Romeo 156/2.5-V6 and it goes pretty well too.
    Yes I will post some pics soon, they ended up next to the pool. Both are flowering, however the one went droopy and never recovered again. At first I thought it was overwatering or a nutrien deficiancy. I adjusted that and came to the conclusion that the pot is too small, it also drains too quick. Nevertheless the other one in the bigger pot is doing well. My concern here is bud formation is not what I expected. Concerning the strain I used, my conclusion here is that it is definately not for indoor growing or even planting in a pot. In nature these become very tall and even bushy.
    The other thing that twists my mind is the fact that they went into the garage on 12/12 the 6th of Des last year and they are not close to finishing off. After all it is 13 weeks already and they are not ready yet?
    I will post some bud pics after the weekend.

  9. man ive got to find a grow room quick. either that or im going to have to put em back in the empty house.i dont feel secure with that though because if someone comes to see the house they might take my crop. another option would be to take it to the woods. i dont know what do you guys think?

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