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does this punishment seem reasonable?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hk901, Mar 30, 2016.

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    Over a month ago, someone put in a report to my dorm room saying that the smell of weed was coming from there. Take note, I HADN't smoked in there and I NEVER smoke in there, or in any building. Always outside. So I’ve assumed that it was just really dank shit and the smell got out from me breaking it down in there. Moving along, I went outside to smoke, around 5 minutes after I came back in to my room ResLife (a woman from an office on the 1st floor and about 3 policeman) were knocking on the door telling me about what had been reported. I told them that there wasn’t any weed in there and that I couldn't smell anything, both true. But they still have to write things up and so he did.. but he told me I'd probably never hear about it again. which I thought was true, since I wasn’t contacted by Student Code of Conduct until last week. And I had my hearing last Thursday, that I didn't really know would be a hearing .. I dunno i was expecting it to be like a warning since it's a 1st offense and to be lectured on why drugs and alcohol are bad or something. but it was a hearing, and since that charge went to the housing department and the overall university, 2 representatives were there. And I've been put on a year of probation and have to attend some mandatory counseling. The housing guy “couldn’t make a decision yet” So I have no idea what will happen to me as far as that goes. And the university has a policy that says if you are under 21 and it has to do with drugs/alcohol or anything on the federal level, they have to notify your parents in the mail. So, that sucks too. It just seems like an awful lot for just the smell.. and has caused so much unnecessary conflict.. do you guys think this is fair at all? Anyways, i'm considering getting a vape pen since its the most discreet way to keep toking.. do any of you guys have one? and in school? how's that going? thxxxxxx stoners

    UPDATE: Yes, the UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVE made his decision. I am indeed under a year of probation and have to attend mandatory counseling. The HOUSING REPRESENTATIVE is whose decision I have not heard yet. It can be anything from a warning to being kicked out of housing. This case went to two separate departments of the University, and therefore two separate punishments.

    There is no proof. There was no search. No actual weed in my hand, no smoke flying around the room. I am in no way denying that having that drug on campus is against the rules. I just always thought that without the actual substance/paraphernalia being found not much harm could be done. Usually when you hear of these types of things happening, people are caught in the act. But maybe my school is just hella strict.

    Just telling my story here.

    ALSO AN UPDATE: I am a she. Lol
  2. Well, you're going to school to improve your chances in life....I'm assuming your parents are instrumental in funding it?
    My advice is to keep cannabis use away from anyone in your dorm/school that could derail you....
  3. If you are still getting fucked from smoking outside I don't see how you should even try smoking around your dorm.
  4. You agreed to live there by their rules.....of course it's fair
  5. What about innocent until proven guilty?

    I would start sending in anonymous tips saying (insert random dorm room) smells like weed.
  6. He wasn't convicted of anything just questioned because they couldn't make a decision. Of course they're going to question him and involve his parents. I wouldn't doubt they're helping him with school. W/o proof they may not be able to kick him out but since he's already looking for ways to smoke that's just a matter of time. As of now the schools acted appropriately. All they're doing is investigating the claim. They didn't convict him of smoking by the sounds of it.

  7. "A year of probation and mandatory counseling"

    As stated in op's post
  8. He goes on to continue saying they haven't made a decision yet. Guess he shouldn't of been breaking the rules he agreed to. Its not like he learned his lesson or anything. Its just a matter of time
  9. So where is the proof that they have?

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  10. I think that she means academic probation, not probation with the 5-0 and stuff.

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  11. I think the whole point of punishment is for it to seem unreasonable. If you could just shrug it off, it wouldn't be much of a deterrent. It's supposed to hurt a bit.

    I've been in your shoes before, and they may end up being hardasses about the situation. They were with me. But as long as you're still enrolled in the school, you can always find new living arrangements. It might be a pain (but again, it's supposed to be), so learn your lesson and don't get caught again.

  12. Again... Sounds like she didn't get caught, someone just said they smelt weed.
  13. Welcome to college. It's straight BS, but as Killset said, you're living in their housing, you must abide by their rules (even if they are the stupidest things). I vaped in my dorm all the time, my roommates didn't care, and my hallway smelled like weed from other people on the regs. Sorry about your situation

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