Does this plant look healthy?

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  1. First time grower here. Starting 3 photoperiod blue dream seeds. I started them in some shitty soil and overwatered the piss out of them. I then freaked out and transferred into a slightly bigger pot with Espoma potting soil (peat, earthworm castings, dolomite lime, compost, and perlite), and used 1/4 strength scoop of Espoma 3-4-4 Garden-Tone. This plant is about 4 weeks old, but only about 10 days since I transplanted and it actually started growing, so I've been treating it as a 2 week old. Does this plant look healthy for 2 weeks of true growth, and can I just add two more weeks onto veg to make up for it? Will it bounce back, and do you think I've messed up any potential yield? Thanks in advance!

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  2. Lookin good my brother! keep it up! Dont overwater and Dont over feed (use half or even a quarter of recommended feed)
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  3. Looks good to me. Rip that small yellow leaf off, from what it looks you didn't put enough soil in that pot.

    Trial and error, as for adding 2 weeks onto veg that's totally up to you. Let her grow see if she starts shining.

    I would avoid any nutes,just feed water.
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  4. I appreciate the replies! I've read that Blue Dream can get quite big as well. Any tips on when to tie her over to start LST? And when is the optimal time to top?
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  5. looks lanky tell you the truth you want that stem to get thick and not stretch put more soil in there and lower your light i have 2 about that age and i am keeping them short and fat check out my post later under cherry pie
  6. I've been growing the same Blue Dream strain since the 90's. Outdoors they will easily reach 10 feet tall. I prefer to mainline my indoor plants as they can be hard to control. Especially during flowering stretch. Mine stretch into week 5 of flowering. Be aware of that or you may find you'll run out of room. As leodicapario mentioned do not over water or over feed. Blue Dream is not a heavy feeder.
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  7. I appreciate the knowledge guys!! So from my understanding, to mainline, you must top and then tie down flat to each side? When would I top for the first time and around how many more times per side would you recommend to top? Also, with slow release organic ferts such as Espoma 3-4-4, would I just need to add two more tbsp (1/4 strength) at around the one month veg mark? I began adding about 1 tbsp of molasses into my water for every-other watering, should I continue this?
  8. I top at the 3rd node. But, wait until the plant has 5 or just starting the 6th node. This allows the plant to develop enough root mass to quickly bounce back. Then I top two more times waiting to top just below the 4th node each time. The extra length of the stem helps strengthen the division. That will give you an 8 top mainline. As for nutrients, I add mine to my growing medium. It certainly will not hurt adding those small amounts of 3-4-4. I don't add molasses to my grows. Here are links to a few threads that will offer you options for building your growing medium.

    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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  9. I will look into these! Thanks alot man! One last thing and I'll leave you alone So several of you told me to fill my pots up more. So just add on top of whats there, and raise it up where its covering part of the stem? Will this not cause my stem to rot?
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  10. No, once the stem turns woody it will not hurt a thing.
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