Does this older woman like me?

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  1. There's this groccery store I walk to near my house, and I go into the groccery store to buy myself something and go into Asile 1.

    There's a small line and I'm about to be next. The cashier who is a decent looking older woman always looks at me and says "hi".

    And of course I wave back and smile.

    She's always taking glances at me and smiling when she's scanning the products.

    I buy my things and then leave.

    Everytime I go into that groccery store when she is working we make eye contact and she always waves at me and smiles.

    I'm not going to lie, I'd hit that, but I don't want to be like "Hey, you're pretty want to go out?"

    I'm 22 and she looks 38....ish?

    I like older women, don't judge me!

  2. Uhh go for it? Just don't be surprised if she looks disgusted. There's always that chance she's a freak though.
  3. could be something, or just customer service. You should wait til you get a little more than a "hi" :smoking:
  4. She definitely wants the Cock. Hit it!
  5. does she do this with other customers. u should check how she act towards other customers cuz shes might just be doing her job.
    I hate that though. whenever your at a store and the cashier or a worker smiles or is really nice to you. you dont know it there into you or it they're just doing there job.
  6. I have seen 18 year differences in marriages, my parents are also 12. So just DO IT.

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