Does this method have a chance?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RedTag, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. My friend had a couple plant growing under hps and he used lst bc he heard it adds to final yield. Well one day I was over his house smoking and suddenly an idea came to me. I used the concept that plants grow towards light so i convinced him to cover his pot with that black anti-weed sheets and pack in the dirt. Keep in mind he had them in lst already. Its hard to explain but ill refer to the positions of the tipped over pot as a clock. The LST stem is at 3 oclock and he left it like that for about 5 days then FIMmed it and tied the bigger branch (not the LST stem) to the side of the pot and turned it a bit more and did the same process. He did this a couple of months until it almost reached around the edge of the pot to the original stem then he put it upright again and made the branch grow upwards to about 2 feet. It looked a really thick bush that would be almost undetectable in a forest. He forced it into flowering using 12/12 (remember that he let the minor branches grow naturally. In the end he wasnt sre how much his yield was but he showed the plant befor harvest and he had at least 10 6 inch buds AT LEAST in one plant. I wish I had photos to show you but this was a year ago and he didnt take any. Oh yah and the strain was Durban Poison
  2. well if the guy got that many buds looks like it was a good method!!

    still not too sure what he did..sounds alot like LST??so u LSTd it then topped it??then lst the other stem??not sure..can u explain it once again

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