does this mean your bud will be less poten?

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  1. if you grow male and females togther to make seeds does that make the bud have less thc or it would be the same level with or without the seeds???
  2. that is exactly what it does, the plants spend more energy producing seeds than great buds. so get those males out of the room IMMEDIATLY. then kill them. and not the other way around. u dont wanna disrupt the pollen sacks. simplt having a bit a pollen the adjacent room can get ur plants pregnant.. lol. seriously tho..
  3. Your bud will be full of seeds but you'll have a great-deal of supply of seeds. Bud is still smokable and will still get you "up" there.
  4. oh sure, dont get me wrong, its totally smokable, but definatly kills some of the potency.
  5. more energy on producing seeds less potency bud is correct
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    Not to go against the grain or anything but I would pollinate a bud or two per plant on a majority of my grows so I can give you my opinion on pollinated and unpollinated buds from the same plant. In my experience pollinated buds yielded less but there was never a noticable drop in potency relative to the virgin buds, unless making 20 or 30 seeds dropped the potency of the entire plants which I don't believe at all.

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