Does this mean its a male? Also my setup

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  1. I was wondering if that thing growing on my plant indicates that its a male? or is it to early to tell? Also how is my setup? is that too much light? (3x23cfl) Any tips or anything would be nice. Theres an intake fan which is the one on the left, I just cut a hole through the wood for the fan... Also the temp is usually around 90-95F is that fair?

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  2. Too hot, should be around 75 degrees. And you cant tell the sex until flowering
  3. That's not enough light. You're gonna need to add at least 1 more 23w when it's bigger.
  4. Yea I figured that, I got 43w CFL's for when they get bigger.. I think 70W CFL' for 1 plant is enough
  5. Uh oh, I guess im screwed then lol
  6. Yeah you'll need to lower the temperature, and 70w isn't enough for one plant. General rule of thumb is 100w per plant.
  7. U don't always have to wait till flowering to tell sex u might get preflowers around week 3 or 4. Like canadianbuds said 70w isn't enough light
  8. How're your temps that high with CFLs?

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