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Does this mean I passed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sopranoz, Jul 31, 2017.

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    I know, super common question but I have been freaking out for the past few days and would like some consolation. This is for pre-employment drug screen.

    I'm 5'7 ~200lbs, haven't smoked in 43 days. But I was a heavy daily user then went cold turkey when I got home. I was exercising a bunch at the beginning of the summer (not trying to detox, just trying to get in shape) and lost 20lbs. I had an eCup/escreen test yesterday (Sunday) but I had been freaking out because I tested myself with a First Check kit three days ago and failed (or was right on the verge of passing, one of those "ghost lines"). Anyway, I didn't have time to creatinine load but I had heard mixed things about the detoxify products and figured something was better than nothing. I also had had red meat in the days prior. So I bought Megaclean and thought I should try it out on Saturday and passed with flying colors, but it was obviously too diluted because I was going every 10 min and had bad sh*ts. But I didn't follow the instructions to a T, only drinking about half the bottle.

    So Sunday comes, and I also have a bottle of ReadyClean. I don't follow the directions, maybe drinking 3/4 if that of the bottle because I seemed to only need a light dilution. Didn't fill up the bottle with water and but did drink water throughout the morning. I also took 2 tums, and I normally take Folic Acid/B-12 anyway so I took that. Had super salty ramen for lunch and even drank the nasty broth. I decide to go take a walgreens drug test on the way there so I can give myself peace of mind, and I passed. The pee wasn't super clear or anything either. But I was worried I wouldn't be able to go again when I got there (the testing place was only 10 min away) so I drank a whole bottle of water. I'm sitting there waiting and fidgeting because lo and behold, I really have to go. So I take the ecup and it is clearer than before but definitely has a yellow color. I see the nurse checked the box "no adulteration" and I also see the 3 color bars on the ecup begin to chnage color (pH, creatinine, and SG). They look pink/yellowish, white-ish, pink/yellow, in that order. I know that doesn't mean much lol but I am a worrier. I am not so much worrying about THC levels, as I am worrying about over-diluting and not getting a second chance on the test.

    Anyway so today I emailed my recruiter, saying I did online stuff and the drug test, and asking if they needed anything else, and they said no - only i-9 paperwork or w/e and thanked me for getting everything done. Does this mean I passed?? I feel like they would have mentioned if something was wrong and it had to be sent to a lab.

    Also, do most people get a second chance if they give a dilute specimen? I am kicking myself for drinking that bottle of water!!
  2. I've drank a hell of a lot more than one bottle of water before a piss best... I also chug a bunch of Gatorade lol... if you really did have a faint line of your test you probably passed... faint or not it's a pass the darkness of the line doesn't mean shit. I know when I go clean it can take me upwards of 40 days but with the drinks and whatnot you're probably fine.

    Grow journal
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  3. Thanks! I guess I was just worried about the dreaded "negative dilute". I thought maybe since I used a detox drink 2 days in a row (though not drinking all of both of them, nor drinking as much water) that my SG and creatinine would still be all askew. It seems most people get a retest if this happens but I really don't want to raise suspicions - this is an important job. :/
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  4. Also, I asked a question about their online system or whatever, and the recruiter said it will happen within my first week of employment (my start date is this upcoming Monday). They also thanked me for getting everything done so promptly, and said the I-9 is the "only thing I need". I feel like they would've mentioned my test coming up as a "non-negative" on the ecup, right? I'm too paranoid lol. I guess I will know in a couple days if I don't get a call from the lab. :bang:
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  5. Don't let it bother you... all you'll do is start acting funny and looking suspicious lol... if it happens it happens there is litterially nothing you can do to change it now but I definitely wouldn't smoke until a couple weeks in because shit does happen and retakes do happen as well.

    You'll probably be fine man I wouldn't sweat it just be happy.... at the very least you get a weeks paycheck and go buy a bag o well lmao

    Grow journal
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  6. Whats up man! Most likely you passed. Im about 5'8" 190 and was totally clean in 47 days. I imagine with dilition you could pass sooner. Good luck and hope you passed!!
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  7. Thanks! I got info from my employer that we are just waiting on "final approvals" for the start day. I just said I hope I can start on the predecided day and they said they can make it work. I'm assuming they wouldn't say all this if they knew my test was funky and had to be sent to a lab - so I'm assuming this means I passed?

    Anyway, will keep you posted! Thanks for the encouragement! :rave-girl:

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