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Does this make my weed less potent?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TakeAHit04, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Hey blades, so I have a question. Every night I usually open up my medical containers and put it against my window to let it "air" out for a couple of hours. My question is, will the moister from the fog at night make my weed less potent? I do this every night and the look of my weed doesn't look any different, but does the moister ruin the weed? I face the container towards my window screen and there's no light hitting it. Is this a bad thing to do? 

  2. Why do you let it air out?

    "Go easy on that shit, its HYDROponic"
  3. Is it just harvested and dried? 
    Otherwise there is no need to air out your already good-to-go meds on a DAILY basis. Maybe once every few months. 
    …Dry, Dark, Cool Place. Mason Jars.  :hippie:
  4. let it air out but u dont need it open for hours 15 min a day is enuff. u wanna air out ur jar to remove the extra moisture so it doesnt mold and ruin the bud
    I let it air out cause I don't like it getting all dry and hard. I like it to have some moister in the buds.
    Ya it's not from a grow. I don't grow, sorry I should have said that after I pick up. I just don't want the buds to get all hard and dry. 
    Ya cause I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't air it out THAT many hours. 
  6. If u have it in a sealed Mason jar there is now way it will dry oit. You dry it out by opening it. Leave it closed. It's curing. If you leave it closed it will get MORE potent. Opening it will only dry it out more and make it brittle and age it. Oxygen is your enemy here.

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  7. Moisture is fine.. in fact it keeps it fresh longer. Too dry is shit
  8. Dude..stop opening it. Opening it will make it dry out. Keep it closed.

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    I only use mason jars for big pick ups, like ounces and up. I mostly pick up quarters, so I put it in medical containers since I run through it in a week. And it's not from a grow, sorry I should have said that it's after a pick up. 
    So the moisture won't make my weed less potent then? Ya that's why I like airing it out, cause I hate when it gets all dry and it crumbles when you break it apart. 
    Well I usually dry it out late at night, when it's cold and foggy out cause I think if I dry it out during the day, it would be all warm/hot air. 
  10. Think about what you've just said.  :blink:
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    The only thing you're doing by letting it "air out" is dry out even more. Sooo, you're kinda doing the exact opposite of what you want to do.. If you must air it out for whatever reason, don't do it for hours.... Just do it for like 10 to 20 minutes. But i still don't see the point in doing that unless it's Weed that you've had for over a month. If you have your Weed in a sealed container, it shouldn't even start to dry out at least for a month.
  12. I'm not exactly sure how airing it out wouldn't make it dry?
  13. Well my buds are usually never dry cause I air them out at night, when it's cold. I personally find that it keeps your buds moist and even when I open the container the next day, it's still moist. 
    I usually re moist the buds when I pick up cause when my dealer gives me the buds, it's dry and I re moist them. I just want to try and keep it moist and ya I probably shouldn't let it air out for hours. 
    Not when I air it out at night, when it's cold outside. 
  14. Why don't you buy some "Boveda humidity packets" instead?
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    So let me get this straight, you think putting the nugs out in the open air gives it more moisture....?

    Boy you are VERY wrong!

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  16. what you need is a half pint, wide mouth. they hold a quarter+ perfectly, and keeps it fresh because of little airspace.

  17. What are those? Do I get them at smoke shops? 
    No not out in the open, I open my medical container and then let it air out. I don't take the buds out. And I air it out when it's late at night, when it's cold so there is moister in the air. 
    What are those? Are those like mason jars? 
  18. Yes, those are mason jars. With those, you wouldn't need to do whatever you're doing.

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  19. You should go to a local smoke shop and get some humidity packs. A good smoke shop should sell them. The good ones here in Cali have those. It keeps your pot very moist and fluffy feeling. I love those things. You just drop them in the container with the pot and your pot is good for a bit. They cost like .99 each at the shop I go to.
    He just dont get it. I keep bud for weeks and months and he has no clue what he is doing.

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