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Does this look terrible lol but is it a good idea?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tak99, May 20, 2016.

  1. So I have weak lungs when it comes to smoke or vapor, so I made a tube/downstem I could fix the mouth piece of a volcano bag on make it airtight, what ever I put this tube in I can vape out of even some glass pipes/bongs I have 2 sizes of the tube to fit dif things.

    Still taste so much better than a blunt or pipe, is icy gold, and you can clear the bag as fast as you want.

    I also plan to get heat proof whip from hardware store, place a airtight one onto the unit, and drill 2 holes in a mason jar one tube going from vape to under the water since the cano, will blow vapor into the part without water from under the water with the help of the fan, and the lid is on tight so no escaped vapor, and the second hole will have another airtight whip in it, not touching the water but the empty space to get the vapor, can even put glass tube for the second one as long as I drill the holes correctly. PART_1463770237294_KIMG0002.jpg
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  2. THese new bongs will cool the smoke down more than old school bongs. Multiple chambers, shower heads, pour some ice cold water in there...bam.

    This website has working demos. Cool. THe smoke is forced through small holes cooling it. Out of my price range but you get the idea.
  3. Yes, and no. I can use bongs I will caught it will hurt, glass pipes are worse but vape is safer for my lungs and I like the high anyhow as said they are weak and I've had pneumonia twice and apparently scarred my lungs or something.

    :I can literally throw up off hitting a pipe or bong and have... and I've smoked for 10 years multiple "substances" weed is the only one that kills my lungs, and vaping it is stops my cough like 40% of the time, WITH the my friends real glass bong, I don't cough almost at all. And with the plastic makeshift bong it's like I caught every time but it does not hurt, and it's only a little. (will be replaced with glass mason jar soon or a real bong)

    What I was asking is, was this a good idea how can I improve on it like feedback sorry if i'm confusing usually don't use forums more of a in person guy.

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