does this look ready? ( 8th week into bud)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dude1, May 19, 2010.

  1. does the hair look like theyre receding back into the the plant? swollen calyx?

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  2. No, I don't think the hairs are receding and the calyxi are just beginning to swell imo.

    I would say another week or three, or get a scope and check the trichromes.
  3. the trichs are mostly cloudly and milky, few ambers
  4. I would wait until they're about 50/50 cloudy/amber, but that's my personal preferance.
  5. i might chop this saturday, next wednesday, or next saturday
  6. the wednesday will be the 9th week
  7. wait a week and the last 48 hours give it complete dark.
  8. Have you started flushing to get the nute taste out of your crop? Most people start 2 weeks before harvest.
  9. start to flush them. and no i dont thik they look ready. i dont see enough brown/amber hairs. i wait till its 60/40 60 brown and 40 white. and nice looking plant.
  10. It depends on what kind of high you want. Cloudy trichs have more THC and give a lift. As the THC breaks down into CBD and CBN, the trichs turn amber and give a couchlock stoned effect. Just be sure to flush the soil a week or two before harvesting IF you use chemical/synthetic nutes (not organic).

    So. What do you want?
  11. well it looks like an indica to me, so wont it be a couch lock high anyways? or its a hybrid ,not sure. i just want it to be mature, not chopping to early. i'll cut down on 9th week, or 9th week and 3 days.

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