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  1. Hey all,

    got these seedlings that I started from seeds they look so damn skinny? what you all think?

    I knocked one over so i have to support it with a golf tee

    they have grown like three inches in five days

    any advice would be great, first time growing
  2. nope not a good thing the plants are stretching because 1 there is not enough light or the light is way to far away move the lamp as close as you can with out burning...stretching causes nodes to space apart causing alot less places from buds to grow your still in seedling stage where the problem might be able to be corrected...
  3. if you dont do something, your plants will become extremely weak, and when it starts branchin out more it willflop over and die or the stem will snap. you need to A. move the light A LOT closer and B. put something to hold it up, needs to strangthen the stem a lot
  4. Just a wild assed guess, but are you by chance employed in the printing industry? Props on your use of a line gauge.

    Like the others said, the seedlings are a bit stretchy. I also noticed you're growing soil-less(?) If you had those sprouts growing in dirt, I'd advise not to worry too much at this point since you could transplant them deeper. I don't know how you'd do that growing in something besides soil. It may seem counterintuitive, but add a fan to help strengthen the stems...that's what happens in nature when seedling are exposed to a breeze.

    Good luck.
  5. I have the very same problem, 1 plant already died because it fell over, 2 others I had to tie to something. But after bringing the lights much closer it looks like they are recovering
  6. What type of light you using? looks like the type of light a compact fluorescent puts out but cant really see. I recomend lowering the light down and getting more of them asap or it will stretch that much it'll just fall over and die.

  7. Yeah, move the lights to within 4-6 inches of the top of the plants, or put the plant on top of something so it's that close the light source or it WILL die.
  8. I pulled the lights down with in 6 inches
    currently using two 30 watt cfl's
    cfl's hanging from 150 watt hps but seems to much for seedlings, they lay over within minutes when its on, temps about 84, want to start using hps as soon as the girls r ready

    they r white widow seedlings so i really wanna give them girls a good life and death :smoking:

    so thanks for all the help and u see anything u think let me know

    here r so current pics

    good job on the printing

  9. :hello: Moving the lights has been less than 24 hours but the girls look so much better, I will update pictures this evening
  10. Here are new pics of the girls, placing lights closer caused the heat to come up a bit, i dont think is a problem

    one of the girls has a bit of yellow on one of the tips, i sure dont know what thats from, could it be the stress of trying to reach the lights? its not ph thats good at 6.8 and i did not put any ferts yet, water is bottled arrowhead, check it out any advice would be great

  11. First, I noticed that you said that you brought them down to within 6" of the seedlings. I would try bringing them down to 4" if you can.

    Second, 84 degrees is too high for seedlings I believe, that might be okay for clones, but too high for baby seedlings. Please, somebody correct me if I am wrong on this one.

    Here's what you should do, get a cheap computer power supply, don't worry too much about the wattage, if it is 200 Watts or more, that should be plenty (try to find a used one, that will save you $).

    Then all you need is a cheap case fan (I got mine for $1 at liquidation world). You can even hook up like 5 or more case fans running simultaneously, but all you need is one for the seedlings. Hook up more later, currently I have 2 running.

    Also, you need a cheap hygrometer for the area, try to maintain RH% between 40-60 at all times. Also, try to get some PH test strips to test your water, I've read that even distilled water can be up to 8 on the PH scale.:mad:

    Can you please explain to me what your grow medium is ??? I've never done a soilless setup like that, was wondering if you could walk me through it???
  12. Rh is between 40 and 50% if i keep the door closed it can reach up to 60% but I keep the door open because of the heat, its about 78 degrees with door open

    I will check out the computer fans, I have been trying to figure out a way to cool the damn thing down

    I got rid out the cfl's and turned on the 150w hps, I am at work so i cant wait to go home and see how they r doing, I left the door open with the ac on so that the heat dont get too high

    I have been testing the ph, I bought a digital, it reads 7 out of the jug of water, so i put a little ph down to get it about 6.8, I check that often

    as far as the hydro system, its a wick system, so i have a air pump, pumping air into the water chamber, I keep the water just at the bottom of the 3 inch plastic tubs, the medium is Organic Seed Starter Plugs and the Hydroton Inert Sterile Growing Media (Red Clay), i never tried this or any system before but this one just seemed the easiest, i will up date the photos this evening,

    thanks again for the help
  13. Ok, I know i am a first timer but damn I sure am excited
    gone r the CFL's replaced with the 150 watt HPS
    HPS been on for 6 hrs and already a huge difference

    The sick girl is standing on her own for the real first time in a week:rolleyes:

    she looks so much better, stronger

    I put the fan on them, got a question? gonna start the 18/6 lighting now, would u leave the fan on during the darkness, I know that the wind blows at night, but still not 100% sure whats the best for them?? reason for not doing the 24/0 is because of heat, damn hot in August and most of September


    Do they look like white widow to anyone?

    Again thanks 4 advice:hello:

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  14. :smoking: fuck sorry

    Got the HPS at approx 14 inches above top of plants

    See attached

    Gonna leave the door open for about 36 hours, it stays at 78 with door open, with it closed about 84, I am gonna address that in the next couple of days, mean while how close to tops should HPs b? i was thinking about 16 inches?

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