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Does this look like two entire grams or not?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by notusingmygotousername, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Don't remember how much I paid for this, think it was 15 euros. 1498896380088.jpg
  2. Get a scale.
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  3. I used to have a pretty good miligram scale (if mentioning miligrams gets my post removed fuck you grasscity), but I left it in the city I'm supposed to move to in three months.
  4. Why the hell would mentioning milligrams get your post removed?:laughing:
  5. It's probably close to 2 grams, no way of knowing for sure just by eyeballing it, do yourself a favor and skip a few dimes and invest in a scale
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  6. Anything vaguely related to drugs other than weed gets removed.
  7. Sure but it's simply a unit of measurement, I think it would be pretty damn stupid to remove for that. That's like removing a post talking about mushrooms on pizza simply because mushrooms.
  8. Well, a gram IS 1000 MG so that would not be a problem here.... Referring to marijuana of course
  9. Graham_cracker.jpg Anytime you wonder what 2 grahms is...

    Multiply this by 2
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  10. Looks about 2 grams looks like some funky weed too lol
  11. Go to instructablesDOTcom and learn how to make a cheap scale. You use coins for weight. Or do like most lazy stoners and buy a cheap scale. Hell even a shitty kitchen scale would work.

    And yes, right around 2 grams.
  12. >funky weed
    Does this have good or bad connotations? I'm not American so I wouldn't know.
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  13. It won't. Someone's got a chip on their shoulder.
  14. You sure? Is that one Graham or is it 4, together for packaging purposes? I'm really confused now.
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  15. I've seen 1/4's that looked like eight's of dank many times and quarters that looked like half's. All depends how it was dried, grown, cured , genetics etc. The point is why bother asking just roll with it if you don't have a scale what difference does what we say make. It very well may be 2 g's or 1'g, without a scale you will never know.

  16. I'm not american either lol looks like decent weed I'd smoke it
  17. I would say that's a bad connotation, unless the dude is stuck in the 70's. Though it looks fine to me. Happy smokin
  18. I believe they do this so you can accurately understand what 250 milliGrahams is...conveniently partitioned for your convenience if you need to do a comparison.
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