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does this look like the same girl?

Discussion in 'General' started by warpigtype-s, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    does this girl in this pic look like the same girl as.......

    these ones.

  2. idk.... a lil bit

    hard to tell
  3. i was going by the hairband on her rist and shit like that but it is hard to tell.
  4. from what i can tell.. no

    her hairline is different then the others
  5. im curious as to why u ask :) ask me a question ill ask u one but id say a skeptical yes
  6. how bout these do they alter your opinion at all?

  7. i wonder if they realize they're wearing the same shirt :rolleyes:

  8. the girl is not my gf but might as well be type of deal, and i'm away and some dude posted something on here facebook and that was his pic. i wasnt his friend so i couldn't get a better look at it or other pics. i'm really blazed right now and am def worrying about this more than i should be.

  9. ahh that explains it.... sorry

    but it is really hard to tell.. u shoiuld straight up ask her. and depending on her answer (defensive or if its true) than dont waste ur time... good luck man :smoke:
  10. hmm it does appear that it is her judging from the newer pic.I just noticed the brown hair in the back and it appears that is in the picture with the guy too..
  11. i dont know. try asking the bitch and not looking like an online stalker. :)
  12. lol i'm def asking her, i'm just wondering if thinking that was her because i'm driunk and high :smoking:
  13. Nose smile forehead, I'm triangulating some shit right now

    but not really my type to be honest, no offense
  14. Lol, well what did he say to her on her profile?
  15. yea. let us know what she says. I'm kinda interested now. hopefully its not her.
  16. yea i'll let you guys know. it really isn't that big of a deal if it is, then i can move on to the next one. i was im just prety drunk and saw thst and was like wtf. that will def be the firtst thing she hears from me tomoro
  17. I think they're the same.
  18. im gonna jump out on a limb here and say i'd smash em all....

  19. I think they're the same too, but let's take a look at this:

    She's not your girlfriend (although you say she should be). Another dude posts up a picture with her (maybe) and you get mad. Seems to me like you should've staked a claim a bit sooner.

    If it is her, you're liable to get the "well we aren't together!" bitchslap, and if it isn't her you'll probably just get a bitchslap for being creepy.
  20. Yeah i think it is though, cause she does have that dark part in the back of her hair.

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