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Does this look like Skunk ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by McWeeed, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Can you guys please stop with the fucking pictures of oregano. I used to like the apprentice section but now I can't even post here because tools like you troll the fuck out of this place

    GTFO out of my city you piece of shit.
  2. im being serious im new to this stuff sorry
  3. Either way it still isn't cool. Google is your friend, I garentee if you google the words marijuana bud, or bag of weed, you would find that you indeed got ripped off. But seriously man, does that look like anything anyone would want to smoke?

  4. Amen.
  5. So what should i do try get my money back or throw it away ?
  6. Take it to the dome.
  7. One Question does it even look like weed for some reason it doesn't but it smell strange so i think it is
  8. That doesn't look like weed at all. That is too stemmy/stringy. Sorry man, you got ripped. Please, don't even smoke that. You obviously won't know what you're putting into your body.
  9. Does your butthole hurt? Sorry to say man, but you got pwnd by your dealer..
    Just throw that shit away. Hell, you can even eat it and shit it out afterwards:smoke:
    Skunk looks like a bunch of green leaves, and some orange buds in between. It smells strong, very deifferent from regular pot. Google is your friend. That shit looks like either tea or oregano to me, lol.
  10. Thanks for the help guys im think about just growing my own from now on
  11. Dude, don't, seriously..
    Have you ever smoked weed before? Sounds to me like you don't. Find a reliable guy, hear a good friend if he has one, im pretty sure you'll find one.

    Before growing, start smoking.. Your natural resistance will get up the more you smoke, making it harder to get higher. It is only there you should have a reason for growing. You can grow some pretty strong shit, about 50-100 grams per plant, but it varies in alot of factors.
    Just.. Smoke some weed man. :wave:

  12. Hahaha no.

  13. Yeah dude, that's some legit dank. My mom gets it all the time :hello:

    ... It makes my spaghetti and pizza taste out of this world.
  14. Throw it in your soup. It will taste good.


  15. damn man i think he sold u some oregeno. That shit dont even look like weed.
  16. Thats not bud.

    If i were you i wouldn't start growing until you know at least what real cannabis looks like. It's not as simple as you think ethier, if it was I'd being growing!
  17. kinda looks like that K2 garbage <3
  18. Looks like cigar tobacco to me. Either he is bull shitting or just touched in the head one.

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