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Does this look like skunk?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flash Mike, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. It definitely looks skunky.
  2. real "skunk" bud ...smells just like you ran over a skunk with your car when you light it......

    or at least it did not so many years ago....i personally havent seen any in along time....
  3. all right, cool :)
    Now I just thought, the smell would count too huh ... lol
    It's very strong and it smells like a dead skunk ... so I guess it is lol
  4. You must be from the UK? Am I right?

    "Skunk" is a name they will call any weed in the UK - any weed they consider to be standard weed that gets you fucked. (It normally has a dirty reputation if your just getting it off some ghetto dealer). Normally has a reputation for glass or sand being crumbled on it as it grows, to add weight to it. I've microscoped a piece of street "skunk" from the UK, compared to a better strain you can get, for example, Amnesia Haze (which is a typical UK strain if you know who to get it from), and let me tell you... it was definitely sprayed with sand or glass. :(

    Not trying to burst your bubble at all, it looks nice! But just for future, if you ARE in the UK, its nice to keep this in mind.
  5. I think i just drooled a little. :smoke:
  6. looks like dank
  7. Regardless of the terminology, that looks like pretty good weed. Enjoy.
  8. Yep. sure does
  9. Skunk describes the smell, but even if it doesn't smell like skunk, you still got some nice dank :smoke:

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