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Does this look like middies to ya'll?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nash92, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I recently recorded someone, and he paid for the session in tree. He claimed the weed to be "loud". Upon seeing/smelling it however, I could instantly tell it was not "loud". I blaze dank 24/7 when it is not situation like this (so I'm not too familar with regs/middies), but I'm no one to complain; free tree is free tree, lol!

    I've smoked a few bowls of it, and I'm guessing it to be mids. But I just want to clarify.

    Here's a picture.


    I can't find my charger for my camera, so I had to use my phone.
  2. really hard to tell from that pic, i'd say at best some low mids. a better pic would help
  3. Schwag-mids-dank-exotic

    You got schwag.
  4. i hope you didn't spend too much time recording him.
  5. looks pretty midsy to me. nothing more frustrating than arrogant ignorance claiming they have bomb bud, WHEN IT'S CLEARLY THE OPPOSITE. smack that little kid next time you see him; he's either a real fuckin' idiot, or is confidently thinks you are.
  6. Y'all not ya'll
    sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine, learn how to use an apostrophe
    bad pic, maybe mids?
  7. That's not mids that's schwag, not trying to be mean.

  8. Oh, my fault.... But I don't think it really matters, as it doesn't pertain to the topic at hand.

    But "Ya'll" are correct. He has indeed tried to "up" his buds as being much more than what they really are. I've gotten used to it. But quite frankly, I really don't care. It was a 1 hour session so nothing too major.

  9. I had a feeling, but was debating between low Mids, and Schwag. I'll confront him next session.
  10. yea man looks like some schwag, but hell like you said free tree is free tree :)
  11. looks rough man, best of luck on next pick up
    edit: if free, then no complaints really if even he hyped it up
  12. I know, but like I said it's a huge pet peeve of mine, simple grammar, like your/you're and their/there/they're, it's so simple to put a half second of thought in there and get it right.

    But yeah, good luck next pickup. Try a friend's dealer?
  13. a huge pet peeve of mine is when people don't even read the OP's post and just come in and criticize their grammar. when really its not even grammar, its a fucking apostrophe in a word thats not actually a word. it wasn't a pick up douche, read the post.
  14. Damn that picture is blurry as hell.

  15. This wasn't a pick up by the way. I was paid in tree for recording this kid/mixing down his song. As I said in the original post, I only ever cop dank.

    I just don't like to argue, cause free tree is free tree; plus this kid is broke and could only pay me that way (yet he raps like he has money... smh lol).

    But what is up with people on this forum being so angry/picky? It's a forum on the internet, I don't think things are that serious.... I visit here when I'm not doing anything, but I'm about ready to stop posting. The amount of complaining going on here in general is ridiculous.

  16. Lmao. Killed him without using capital letters.
  17. but it looks like some really shitty dope to me

  18. dude don't leave the city just cause of a few pricks, this is a great site (for the most part) just ignore the trolls and conversate with people who aren't assholes :D
  19. Is "tree" a common name lol? I've only heard "trees"
  20. Wow, that looks... pretty awful to be honest haha. Low mids at best.
    How much did you get for recording him? If its a decent size bag I would probably just make some butter or hash with it.

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