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Does this look like indica? Would you smoke it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by broompeople, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. View attachment 2338983 So the guy I bought it from said it was "something kush" he didn't know what kind of kush but he said usually when the word "kush" is in the name, that means it's indica or an indica dominant hybrid. Anyways, it got me pretty high and I like it. I'm in New York and stuff here is pricey. Does this look like an indica? Also, does it look good and would you smoke it? Let me know! He gave me half a gram more than I payed for when I weighed it out and he threw in a bag of kief with it as well.
  2. If you like it, that's really all that matters. It certainly looks smokeable. I see a few flaws, but I'm fussy. I'm in NY too. I'm curious as to what you paid for that.
  3. I could be wrong, but looking at it, I think it's at least an Indica-dominant hybrid. Not the biggest nugs in the world, but what's there looks like it's got some Indica chunkiness in the middle. Cool of him to throw you the bag of kief, too! Enjoy, man.

  4. What flaws do you see, I have a grow in week 2 of flower and I want to learn about bag appeal.
  5. It's pretty poorly trimmed, lots of leaf and unnecessary stems. Looks decent enough though. Nobody will really be able to tell, but I bet it's most likely a hybrid, not sure percentages tho..
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  6. I see. Yeah no matter who you buy from around here, it all looks the same. I gotta wonder what it's like to smoke some California weed or any weed from a dispensary for that matter.
  7. Well I also bought wax and a couple edibles from him. All together I payed $140.
  8. Right now street weed is better than dispensary. The MMJ program is new and still has a bunch of kinks to work out. California medical grade weed is definitely around.
  9. Looks good, trim job could have been a bit better but the nugs are pretty small so... NY weed can be the bomb if you know the right individual. I have found that the bud can be really potent but it seems these days that "street" bud is just rushed to market way too quickly anymore for the most part. I see a lot of bud that could be dried and trimmed better but still can give the best meds out there a run for the money. I don't have a problem with the trim job as much just that bud dried improperly and then bagged up too quick will develop white powdery mildew pretty quickly so you have to be really careful during the humid "wet months" I call em when obtaining bud. Sucks living in a non-friendly state...
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  10. Looks like fucked up Brussel sprouts. lol Anyhow, hell yeah, I'd smoke it. [Then maybe figure out how to heat it up, put some cheese on it and eat it.]

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