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does this look like good weed to you guys?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by byllistic, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I have no idea what it is, my friend gave it to me to make up for smashing my pipe by accident (lol). Anyway does this weed look good to you?

  2. Looks pretty nice and dense, can see the crystals and such. Probably pretty good quality.
  3. Alright cool thanks :)
  4. Definatley good man
  5. Looks pretty good
  6. Looks like Christmas bud
  7. Looks lovely!
  8. Stunning.

    Sent from a remote island in the South Pacific.

  9. my weed or your post? haha :p
  10. Both?

    Sent from a remote island in the South Pacific.
  11. Id like to try it out for you first though. ;)

    Sent from a remote island in the South Pacific.
  12. Looks like it taste nice.
  13. What Kind?
    as in sativa and indica or the actual name of strain?

    Well to tell whether its indica or sativa only you can do that by actually smoking it and nobody can tell the name by just a pic like this

  14. Idk what strain it is but it looks like some chronic. I'm not tying to sound like a dick but if you can't tell if weed is good or not then why did you have a pipe in the first place?

  15. You can kinda tell if its sativa or indica by looking at it because indica buds tend to be more tight and sativa is usually more fluffy. But yeah the only real way to tell is to smoke it... Or DNA test it lol

  16. I like to smoke but i jsut never took the time to learn all that stuff :p

  17. Lol I know how that is because the first time I smoked I bought some trainwreck kush and asked my buddy if it was good and he said holy fuck! you should learn it though so you don't get ripped off and weed is cool to learn about lol
  18. Looks quite nice to me! I feel like it'll be very good tasting bud... I've had very similar looking stuff and it tasted amazing. Sweet and skunky.

    I mean I can't actually tell from the picture, that's just what it reminded me of.
  19. Looks damn good man. Hope you enjoy it.

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