Does this look like an eighth? (3.5gs)

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    I'm a freshman in college, and I had to move states. That resulted in me losing all my previous dealers, which were my good friends (they were my friends before they became dealers). They never skimped me (their word + I weighed it multiple times). But now I just got a new dealer and I don't trust them completely.  
    The bag I got is supposed to be 3.5 grams, but it barely looks like 2 grams. But maybe I'm wrong, haven't seen weed in a long while. I know you can't know the weight just from looks, it could be really dense. But that looks like a REALLY small amount...
    TL;DR: New dealer, don't completely trust him. Does this look like 3.5g's?
    EDIT: Lol ya, I'm guessing my suspicions were correct. Not close to 3.5. Whatever. It's only 20-30 bucks wasted, worth it for a lesson.


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  2. where is your scale. But in answer to your question, I think a little over a dub.
  3. I dont know is it dense? The only way 2 know is buy a scale..

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  4. It does to me. Eyeballing weed is dumb.

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  5. If there really dense maybe but I'd say around 2-2.5
    Its so hard to tell since I can't feel the buds.
  6. That's bullshit, no fucking way is that and eight, I doubt its 2 grams. a 1/16 maybe.
    You accepted it? I would have said NO!
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    Get a scale, but looks under to me. Also hardto tell cause there's no size comparison... If I had to guess I'd say 2.5
  8. That looks like half a gram to a gram wow dude I feel ya I did shit like that too.

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  9. It looks wet as fuck too .

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  10. its gotta be between .8g-4.0g
    cant tell with such a shitty picture
  11. Definitely isn't 3.5. I'd say it's 2.5 give or take.

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  12. 2.5gs maybe... but it could be dense

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  13. It was a quick transaction. On campus. It's dark, on a bench in the middle of everything. Not a lot of people around, but I didn't have time to look at it. Well lesson learned. Won't be buying from them anymore.
  14. Sorry, had to take it quick
  15. Somewhere around 2 Gs, maybe 3 if its super dense.
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    Gonna buy a scale tomorrow and weigh this shit. But I'm definitely not buying from these guys anymore. They suck at answering texts, and I don't know them either. 
    My friend has some friends that are straight.
  17. At the most, it looks like 2.

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