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Does this look like a quarter to you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CasinoCloudz, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. #1 CasinoCloudz, Feb 4, 2009
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    Just wondering, thats a quarter there for reference.
  2. Yup thats George Washington on that coin, its a quarter alright. ;)
  3. LittleRip beat me to it but I can't resist.
    the quarter looks like a quarter...
    the picture of your MJ looks short but it's also blurry as hell.
  4. Nobody can tell you if a bag weighs unless they weigh it themselves.

    Get a scale, weight it. That's the only way you'll find out if it actually weighs.
  5. I picked up a quarter yesterday that looked like nothing but I trusted my guy and he said it was super dense so I got home broke it up and it seemed to grow in size, smoked 2 bowls last night and I hardly put a dent in it at all.

    It looks like it could be a quarter for sure.
  6. Get a scale man, your ognna need one envuletually. Looks like a quarter to me. What state quarter is that lol?
  7. ON the bag its a quarter....
    IN the bag looks a bit short man
  8. Only way your gonna know is with a scale. If it's from a shady character that's ripping you off..honestly what are you gonna do, get a refund? Call the police?

    You can pick up a cheap digi for like 10 bucks, it's worth having.
  9. It looks a little short but its pretty hard to tell due to a blurry picture and the light reflecting off the bag making it harder to see.
  10. It looks bricked, so i'd say it's a quarter.

    If I'm wrong, and it's not dense, then it's somewhere between and eigth and a quarter.
  11. #11 Irish Coffee, Feb 5, 2009
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    take it out of the bag and we will be able to tell easier
  12. That's.. Wow.
  13. To the OP: Are you baked?
  14. It miiiiight be a quarter. Looks kinda like 5gs tho too.

    Smoke it and get high. That's all that matters.
  15. Should be a little smaller than your fist if its dank
  16. That looks like 5.5 to me bro, short of a quarter. I cant exactly tell, but it also looks like mids. You might as well invest in a scale, they are only 15-20 bucks for a sturdy, reliable one [I got mine off Grasscity during their Xmas sale last year]
  17. Why the fuck don't people take it out of the bag.....
  18. Take it out and put it on a scale and I will tell you.
  19. The imprint of the quarter (coin) on the bag as left a certain curvature upon the cannabis buds themselves. If my calculations are correct and I am judging the density (calculated earlier) of said cannabis from a two-dimensional picture, you've got about 5.63 grams in your possession.

    Note: If OP does not have a medicinal marijuana card or is not a resident of undefined states, this possession of "5.63 grams of marijuana" is considered a class C felony by federal standards.
  20. Omg OP i lol ' d for like 10 mins straight Lmfao im guessing that's some dank cause your preety baked Haha

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