Does this look like a K deficiency?

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  1. I was late on the K. I'm growing in fox farm soil and using their nutrients. Also following their schedule. I didn't really feed them at all through flower but they flower for 9 weeks bc I was having space issues. When I flipped to 12/12 I just gave them the week 5 nutrients bc that's when their schedule says 12/12. Week 5 of the plants life is when they recommend flipping. With the 3 ff powdered nutrients for flowering K doesn't really start until week 7. I just think it could be K. Does it look like that to any experienced growers? Bc I'm really just feeling around in the dark here. 20221128_184834.jpg 20221128_184824.jpg 20221128_184815.jpg
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  2. Or calcium
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    I would suggest this
    Langbeinite 0-0-22

    Since using fox farm you can skip a feed or two with tiger bloom and use the smaller side of the serving spoon of beastie bloom, per gallon of water. Maybe half of that the first time then increase if issue continues spreading. Their schedule is just a suggestion, usually plants dont take too kindly to the amount they suggest. Base feeding off of plant knowledge, plant appearance, and plant reaction. All plants are different and can use less or more just depends on plants needs. You could use open sesame since itll be the first up on their feeding chart. I just suggested beastie blooms because its highest in potassium. If you went with open sesame, I'd be comfortable giving it a full dose without tiger bloom, until issue clears up. When I used ff liquids I stopped using tiger bloom when I started the 3 blooming agents. Open sesame, beastie blooms, and cha ching. Could look into microbe brew, also kelp me kelp you and wholly mackerel for veg. Personally I rarely used grow big and tiger bloom. Happy frog is good until first transplant ocean forest will get you into flower depending on veg time. Happy frog feeds about 3 to 4 weeks after sprout, ocean forest 4-6.
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  4. Little orange spots like that usually mean not enough calcium.
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  5. This is what K def looks like
    Adding more of anything without being absolutely sure what the problem is, is just asking for trouble. As mentioned by @PotStrainsForBackPains the issue is most likely calcium. Calcium def seems to start showing more frequently in the early flower stages in my experience, which is why once I flip to flower, I double the cal/mag amount.
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  6. Also of note: K is a mobile nutrient, so issues with def will begin in the lower leaves. Based on your pics, the issue is primarily the leaves closer to the light, which is where calcium def likes to show up .
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    Not strictly around the tips and edges it doesn't. Maybe its early, and just beginning. Plants use less calcium during flower than growth stage generally calcium deficiency shows during veg. Personally I completely stop supplying calcium after the stretch.

    Nutrient Immobile/Mobile Nutrient Deficiencies Found In
    Nitrogen (N) Mobile Old Leaves
    Phosphorous (P) Mobile Old Leaves
    Potassium (K) Mobile Old Leaves
    Magnesium (Mg) Mobile Old Leaves
    Molybdenum (Mo) Mobile Old Leaves
    Sulfur (S) Immobile New Leaves
    Calcium (Ca) Immobile New Leaves

    Could be calcium, calmag will hurt less than filling it full of potassium. If calmag doesn't stop the issue you can assume its potassium
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    I'll add having a better understanding what you've been doing thus far would help. Like water used, using tap less likely that would be calcium vs using ro or distilled which have no minerals. Feeding regiment and nutrients used. When we start guessing off pictures alone alot of different speculations will take place that may hinder instead of help. Knowing everything done prior to issue helps shed light on possible culprits. Also getting soil readings of ph and ppms would better help understand what's going on. That's the first thing I do before adding anything extra. To make sure that the ph is correct for nutrient consumption and to make sure I won't be stacking nutrients. If ppms are within a good level or even a little high, probably calcium deficiency. With ph like if its below 6.5 or above 7.0 calcium is less available, potassium is available from 6.0 thru 10. So if your ppm reading is good but lower or higher ph that makes calcium less available you could also assume calcium.
  9. That was great info thanks. I actually bought Langbeinite last grow and put some in last night. I used ffof and didn't feed at all through veg. Even though they vegged 9 weeks bc of spacing issues. I'm going to check my soil ph tonight. It's never been off and I ph my water every time but I should still check
  10. FFOF only lasts at most 1 month without nutes, I have no idea how you managed 9 weeks.
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    Autos or short veg time and large pot

    My autos go 2 months without food sometimes more, my photos are different since they are vegged a couple months larger plants more roots to feed. One reason why I like dry amendments, only one maybe two feeds for autos which would relate to these plants more so than vegged out photos
  12. Calcium helps the plant protect itself from heat. Dipping calcium levels present themselves as bronze patches under the lights. LED lights especially.
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  13. Dont mix dry amendments and liquids that's asking for trouble.

    I'd be comfortable with adding oyster shell at a lower volume than recommended maybe half serving since most flowering nutrients dont provide calcium however adding a high potassium dry amendment while feeding flowering nutrients will cause issues. Overloading. Liquids are readily available and can be consumed rather plant needs them or not, too much nutrients can also fluctuate ph
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  14. I get what you're saying. It makes sense too. I was trying to be proactive but I think I jumped the gun. Lights just came on I'm going to go out and grab some soil for a slurry.
  15. Yo these ole spreadsheets are useful for looking into nutrients. Just going over some to see if you might appreciate, and maybe I should review more ;)
    I attached them as a .pdf.

    ps. great info guys

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  16. The kinds of nutrients (ie. nitrogen forms) affects the pH. I attached a paper on this. I read it like 100 times and still I forget :confusedalt:

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  17. Those will be helpful. Gonna go over them.
  18. upload_2022-11-29_20-18-36.png

    might be the reason... low ph.
  19. I figured it out last night. My ph pen is off, my ph has been off by 2.0-2.5 for prob the whole grow. The buffering agent prob got me through veg but I've been watering and feeding around 4.5-5ph. So you are absolutely right. I wouldn't have even checked bc I thought my Bluelab pen was solid. I mean it is solid, I just forgot to calibrate. I checked bc someone I know really well told me to do so.
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