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Does this look like a 1/2 Oz?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by noremac, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Photo on 1-31-14 at 5.34 PM.jpg
    Does this look like a half ounce?

  2. Looks like it very well could be, but you should really get a scale
  3. [quote name="noremac" post="19444457" timestamp="1391219051"]So I have always known that my room mate pinches weed from my stash. I usually just leave my stash in the living room because I really don't care if he smokes a little. This sack, however, I partitioned out some that I was going to cook into some brownies for a friend. When I came home today the partitioned size looked a lot smaller then I remembered. My day has been a little shitty so I am afraid that I am inventing my own problems. I actually was worried about this happening on the way home from school. So I decided to ask you all. Does this look like a half ounce?[/quote]Looks like it could be a little bit under, that being said the bud can be a little dense... I'd recommend buying some scales and keeping your stash hidden.Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  4. yea man, you if you can affordd a half o, grab a scale. worth it so much for exactly these types, among others, of sticky situations.
  5. damn that looks like a pound to me
  6. It looks like it could be for sure
  7. why is everyone saying it should be a half o lol thats very subjective as to the size of the bag, the density of the nugs, and if they were dried/cured properly.
    Ive seen bud where that would be an ounce or more easy because it was really dense, ive seen other bud where that would be a quarter because it was light fluffy nugs. for an experienced smoker you can more or less tell if youre being ripped off but thats in person, and even the most seasoned smokers wouldnt be able to tell if a bag was a little short because of just that, different types of nugs. Maybe if you're really good at math you can calculate the amount lol but otherwise i suggest you get a scale. unless your buddy took like an eighter or more you aint gunna notice especially if youre like me and u dont even remember how big you rolled your joints or even how many lol.
    Also why are you keeping weed in a bag? 
  8. Yea that's look's around a half oz give or take a gram or two.
  9. I've seen quarters that size, but seen half's that size as well. All depends on density. Definitly get a scale, 10-20 bucks at local stores or closer to 5$ online. 
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    lol there should be a picture of this for every "does this look like X grams?"
    to op, yeah looks more than 10grams for sure.
  11. Thanks every one!  I talked to my room mate when he came home.  I didn't confront him but I was pretty sure he didn't take it.  I was just trippin' because I was kind of depressed for a bit.  All the comments you guys left me reassures me even more.  The bud was a bit denser as well.  I am just not a very good judge I think I will invest in the scale.  
    I usually keep it in a medical container.  I put it in the bag so it would be easier to eye ball.
    I am happy to say that the cookies I made were awesome.  I used half the weed.  I only decarbed it for 15 minutes at 200 F because I was on a little bit of a time restraint.  Then I put it in a double boiler with the butter for 30 minutes.  I didn't strain the butter because I am lazy and like the super potent weedy taste.  The snicker-doodles tasted awesome.  My friend and his buddies were supper baked off of only half a cookie.  It was fun hanging out with people who don't consume THC often, they are much more funny then seasoned stoners.
  12. Well you got what you deserved, knew your roommate steals bud and yet you don't care that he smokes some of it, you leave it out in the open and you get your shit stolen.... HahahahhahahaSent from my XT1080 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. Punch him in the throat 
  14. I just bought a quarter and it looks the same size as that

  15. made me lol
  16. Grab a scale man..........
  17. Yes, but nobody can tell you if it's EXACTLY a half. Just buy a scale, they're $10 online and $20 in stores
  18. Yes , but get a scale and know for sure.

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