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Does this look like 12 grams?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Johnson333, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. i bought 12 grams does this look like 12 grams. Bought it for 100

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  2. Your joking right.
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  3. Tough to tell for sure but dude get a scale. Pretty easy to answer for urself for $30-$40. That's Prob why ur getting the shaft.
  4. Maybe 12 grams if dense as concrete but yeah dude. I'm saying that's 8
  5. It's dense, and it's thick but in this picture you can't see how thick it is
  6. And I bought it for 100
  7. Yeah that's steep. Where u live?? I'm getting zips of FIRE for under $100 in Washington state. Sorry if ur underage or in a non legal state. I've got the shaft COUNTLESS times. Which is why I only puff my own chuff (thanks, Aussies), anymore.
  8. It's really thick but you can't see that, and I bought it for 100. How much do you think this is
  9. And by getting I mean that's what I get my buds at. Tmi. Prob
  10. That's an impossible question to answer. Get a scale homey.
  11. And by impossible I mean, impossible by looking at because there r countless factors when it comes to bud weight.
  12. Yeah I know. I mean the guy I get from is trustworthy and he usually gives me extra. But idk this just seems less than 12 grams. But he said I got a lot of shake
  13. it's 9.47 grams, with a .05 margin of error.

    i'm gifted at looking at really shitty pictures and knowing exactly how much it weighs
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  14. That looks far under 12 grams

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  15. I got 4 G's the other day that looks awfully similar to this amount.
  16. From that relentlessly shitty picture you posted as example, I'd have to say yeah, it looks like it could very well be 12 grams. It's cliche because it's true though, that the only way of knowing for sure is with a scale.

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  17. Looks like about a pound. You got a good deal.

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  18. Kid,
    You can get a scale on Amazon that goes down to .01 g for under $11. Just get a scale. If you're uncomfortable weighing it in front of your guy, do it later. Then you'll know if you want to keep dealing with him.
  19. BTW no one can judge weight with any accuracy from a 2-D pic.
  20. Junior, using your hands for size comparison is meaningless because we don't know how big your dirty hands are. Put a lighter or a coin or something we're all familiar with. After you do that, we're still not going to be able to tell you though. Without an actual scale, it's a mystery!
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