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Does This Look Dank?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FreshStoner, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. This is the stuff my dealer gave to me last night. He usually gives my pretty dank shit. but this weed aint so crystally or a lighter green. This stuff is more darker green with a lot of dark orange hairs in it. What i want to know if it looks dank?

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    I see no pic, man. But we won't be able to tell you completely. Smoke it and find out. I've had great weed before with little trichomes to view through my naked eye. Only way to find out for real is to test the waves, bro.
  3. I can't see the picture, but it it tastes good and smells good then it's dank.
  4. It's all how it smokes man, I've had some shitty looking weed blow my mind.  Smoke some up and see how it is.
  5. No pic.  Give it a smell and you should be able to tell
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    The best way to know if it's dank is to smoke it.
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  7. Oh yes, very dank bud there 
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  8. hmmm looks interesting, most definitely a creepy sativa
  9. That's my official new motto.

    Buyer: this is dank shit right?
    Dealer: bro. Just give it a smell and you can tell.
    Buyer: shit dude. You're right.
    Dealer: *thumbs up at camera*
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  10. Too dank, brother. 
    But seriously, smoke it. Smell and trichomes are a good sign, but sometimes certain buds lack those things. 
  11. No pic. Y ask us.smoke it then tell us if u copped some bush or fire

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