does this happen to you???

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  1. do you have dreams you are in control of?
    i did some research its called lucid dreams there are even things u can do to make them happen....

    but i had one last night it was a really crazy dream i was a ghost but i knew it was just a dream so i was making choices like i would if i was awake or do stupid stuff cuz i know it wouldnt matter later on

    do yall have this types of dreams?
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    Indeed it does happen to me a lot. I've set a dream sign in my dreams that is an orange bird. I saw it often when I was first beginning to realize I was in a lucid. When I see that, I know that I am dreaming and can have fun with it. I still cannot control most thing happening, but things like electronics in my dreams I can control. Keep a journal, it's well worth it!
  3. I do sometimes. Sometimes I'll be in a dream and I'll stop...and tell myself "wait, this is all a dream" then I'll walk around and try to wake myself up but can't. So I'll just sit and literally wait until I wake up. I thought lucid dreams were the really vivid dreams that felt real? But it seems like a lot of people have a different definition of it or maybe I'm wrong? Idk. But yeah those dreams are pretty cool haha.
  4. I sometimes have dreams like that. Usually the dream is taking some random path, like a pirate ship or something, but then i realize its a dream and just try to fuck girls i see. But everytime this happens i can never find a place to do it, or someone ends up interupting half way through. Its really frustrating.

  5. gahahahahha bro im am totally the same.

    then i wake up with a raging boner.

  6. Fuck I wish. It is rare for me to remember a dream at all though, like maybe 2 in the last 6+ months :(
  7. Usually when im dreamin i try and make shit happen....but if its a deep dream then im shit outta luck

  8. in that case, you dont sit you take advantage of it. What have you always wanted to do, fly? breath underwater? run through walls and jump vast distances? you can do it all, you just need to keep reminding yourself its a dream, so you dont feel fear, when you feel fear you succumb to the dream world and soon you will lose your lucidity.
  9. nah lucid dreams are dreams in which you recognize u are in a dream, and then u can control it. it takes some practice, and u gotta do stuff like keeping a journal of what happens n ur dreams. ive never tried it but it seems like itd be pretty cool
  10. i've been trying to lucid dream for 4 years now without success so you seem like an asshole right now.
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    haha i always have lucid dreams, tonight in my dream im going to go on gc then neg rep you :p then as usual almost fuck someone and something well get in the serious.. so many dick always gets really close to the vagina..and then bam something happens..
  12. no words to describe the hatred i feel towards you lol

  13. haha man yeh i love it like i wake up in the mornings but i always let myself fall back to sleep to go back to dreamworld.. hah love dreaming in general.
  14. how the fuck do you do it then?! wtf is it so fuckin hard for wtf?

  15. i really dont know, i only discovered really what lucid dreams meant recently but i have been having them for ages now, but i didn't know what the word to describe them was.

    who knows it just comes naturally for me i guess, or maybe its all the weed i smoke haha who knows.
  16. well its definitly not the weed, if it was i would be having lucid dreams all night every night, and at daytime too haha

    if it was the weed i would be lucid dreaming 24/7

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