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Does this happen to you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Elem3nt17, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. When I blaze with friends i dont get as high as if i woulda smoked by myself, even if my and my bud smoke a 20 bag in 5 min i still wont get as high as if i woulda did a couple depth charges by myself. Does this happen to u guys?
  2. i always get high as fuck... even with other people...simple as that
  3. Yeah occasionally thats happened. It's probably because your focused to much on laughing and yada yada with your friends to really notice ot coming on to you, just smoke it up, hold it in for a long time, and while your friends are talking sometimes just feel your blazisity (new word, hahaha) and zone out or something while your smoking you know, yeah, thats what I do, or just smoke so much you can't help but know, hahaha.
  4. for me i've noticed the opposite. when i smoke alone, i smoke a full bowl and yeah i get high. but when i'm with friends if only get two puffs on the bowl i don't even notice it, i'm equally as's all about the mood and having someone else with the same kind of positive mental attitude going just adds to your buzz
  5. Hahaha yeah i got some BOMB weed tonight so i have no problem getting high 100% of the time. When i went to pick it up my dealer packed a bowl and we were blazing, when all of a sudden fucking ghost car rolls up, i was just like yo dude you and your girl go into the bush and ill just keep biking down the path.(cuz he just got off probation and if that cop found his qp hed be spending a lot of time in con colloege. So here i am with a 20 bag and im just thinking, ok dave nice and slow dont look scared, hahah he starts tailing my bike, then all of a sudden he took off. i thought i was busted for sure but i geuss not.
  6. this weed has to be skunk it has such a STRONG punjent odor, its hard to it smells like a far away skunk! hahah im high ill post a pic in tha morn.
  7. opposite with me, I can get good buzzes alone but with a friend or two, i get completely baked and hammered.

  8. I think it all just depends on the type of pot, type of people, and the type of environment.


    -Walking down the beach, I ran into some kids I knew. We smoked together, a few bowls. I was blazed as fuck, yes, but walking around a public place (albeit at night) I didn't feel many physical effects, and was on the alert (so to speak) just incase someone stopped us and I had to act sober.

    -Smoking with some friends at a small party (not really a party, just five or six other people sitting around drinking and smoking and watching tv/playing video games for two days), I got pretty blazed. The video games and movies were harder to concentrate on, and I definatly FELT more high than in the previous scenario, however due to different people and atmosphere. And the fact that it was bomb hydro probably helped, too.

    -Smoking up the beach at two in the morning out of Hooky (my homemade two-person hookah [which kicks total ass :)]) with my friend Tim (one of my closest friends), I felt even more high. Again, different people, atmosphere and weed. This time there were definatly physical effects, such as heaviness, feeling of moving through objects, etc.

    -Smoking alone in my room at night, listening to music gets me the most blazed. I smoke two or three bowls to my head of some good kindbud and I'm fucking gone.Close my eyes, listen to Sigur Ros (or other 'soundscape' type music) and just drift away. I've had quite a few 'trips', so to speak, by doing this. The only comparative time that I can remember was with Tim at his cottage in the winter. We were blazing on his front porch and even though it was just mids, I felt higher than ever before. I was seeing frames, colors, shapes, it was fucking great!

    So it depends on alot of things, man. If you really want to be feeling the weed to the fullest extent possible while with a bunch of people, take a few minutes to yourself! Go outside, sit alone or away from people, close your eyes and focus on how you feel, your senses, etc. Sometimes I pinch myself to get physical effects. You have to stimulate your senses in order to feel the effect of the herb on them. That was longer than fucking essays for school. Ah, if only they'd ask us to write about this kind of shit.
  9. I get stoned either way but I find I get way more stoned off less weed when I'm smokin with friends. On the flip side though if I'm smokin with people I'm not comfortable around I'll be less high. Smokin with strangers is the best though, it's a great way to meet new people.
  10. shit i get as high as i could, cuz if u see things like i see things i'ma die n the hood
    -holiday stylez
  11. im a lightweight so it doesnt really effect me that much...i get high as fuck all the time but over the summer I have been smoking everyday 2-3 times of only the best weed from amsterdam and my tollarence has gone up soooo much....but now I got maroccan hash to change all that :D

  12. Hahaha!

    Morocan Hash tore me up...I was in Switzerland when I got it...I felt sick.

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