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does this happen to you when high???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ezra, May 26, 2009.

  1. well im a noobie at weed smoking did it for the 3rd time today and dammm its fun.
    but when i sit down while im high it goes away, its like when i sit down im not high but when i stand up i am.
    does this happen to you ?
  2. I think it's all in your mind, kiddo. When i'm high I stay high no matter what i'm doing. =]
    I mean, doesn't your brain feel like it's on fire?
  3. I think going from sitting to standing can alter you buzz slightly but not that much.
  4. I guess so. If you lie down on a couch sober for an hour and just jump right up, or sit up too fast, you can get light headed. So I dont think its out of the question.
  5. no its not light headed when i get up i get up and i go into a slow motion state until i sit back down or when it just wears off
  6. Could be attributed to the fact that you're sitting still, as opposed to moving around while standing up. Because sometimes, things like getting up or jumping or running can seem wicked trippy lol.
  7. try this,and say it in your head (sit down, ((physically sit)) then sit down again) since you cant sit anymore than your already. trust me its funny as hell when your that high
    watch heart invaders ((while siting)) prepare yourself
  8. This kind of phenomenon happened the first time I smoked. I'm pretty sure it's some sort of placebo or mind trick your brain plays on you.
  9. I tend to feel higher when sitting
  10. Yeh i keep my high in any position. Unless im drinking beer then ill have a couple sitting down and stand up and it hits me like a damn train.:)
  11. Just had a vape sesh while watching heart invaders and I got to say "it was great success"!!![​IMG]
  12. I actually can kind of relate to that- when i started smoking i didnt really notice i was really high until i got up and started moving around and such.
  13. #13 Thelurk, May 26, 2009
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    You just don't realize how high you are when sitting. Try not to think about things like this though when your smoking, you end up concentrating to much on it and it can kill your high.
  14. heres a fix, sit down and then smoke and see how high u get hahaha. just be careful standing up. But when you try to walk its a lot more going on in your brain and senses. So ofcourse its going to be harder and feel higher since ur mind is trying to do so many things.
  15. lol try some crystal castles or vera meyer but u cant not lisen to john butler - ocean
  16. I love to smoke while sitting down and then getting up only to realize that I need to sit back down:smoking:
  17. omg dude i got so many memorys with crystal castles and my ex gf i was with for 6 or 7 months...good times. crystal castles is a must to misten to, try deadmau5, he is amazing as well.
  18. When I'm mega high and I sit down the high does change a bit. I tend to sort of detach from my body when I sit still for ages. I can look down and see my body, but I can't move my arms or legs and I'm just sort of floating inside myself. It sounds scary, but it's fucking awesome.

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