Does this girl like me?

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  1. I'm a shy person but I'm not to shy. If I'm around people I don't know I don't talk that much but I still do. This girl was in my class last semester and i didn't really talk to her. She talked to me or said hey everytime I saw her. She asked me to help her with some work after school a while ago and I did after skipping one day, but her sister and some friend came and talking in Spanish. She seemed kinda sad that I missed the day we were supposed to meet. Anyway we haven't talked in a while so I messaged her today on fb asking this

    Me: Hey u know Spanish?
    Her: Duh lol why?
    Me: I need help wit some work 
    Her: lol aight well get working;) I'll help you out:)
    Tell me wat u want me to help u in?
    Me: this is about to be a lot of typing haha
    Her: haha it's okay :)
    Me: "some Spanish" 
    Me: Whats that mean?
    Her: definition
    Me: you wana just help me out after school?
    Her: lol yea :)
    Me: ok meet me in the library next week

    I never really came on to her and I was wondering if it'll be weird if I did when she helps me.
  2. Just take it slow and ask her after you all finish the spanish work if she wants to hang out sometime (doing something non-academic). There's no way (for us) to tell if she likes you.
  3. She just said text me whenever you want me to go
  4. I'd say she is digging you, if you play your cards right... you might get to dig her out. ;)

    Don't get caught up worrying and feeling nervous, it will screw you up. Just go with the flow and make a move if you feel it is right and you're getting more good vibes from her.

    Heck, I fucked myself royally with this a couple weeks ago. Was kicking it with a girl I work with (nice big titties, cute face, and dreads... i'm a sucker for a girl with dreads) , we were vibing really well, smoked some cigarillos in my car (she was on probation still), I should of made a move after we finished or shortly before we finished smoking... but I didn't because I was too nervous and worried about getting rejected and shit. And now as a result, I am pretty sure I am "friend-zoned"... on to the next one no sweat though. Live and learn.

    If you find yourself in that situation don't make the same mistake I did bruh, just say to yourself "fuck it, whats the worst that could happen?" and make a move. Good luck!
  5. Yea this girl is really pretty. Thanks for the advice and you still have a chance with that girl man.
  6. step one, take her back to your house to study, not the library
  7. Also should I text her now or should I wait until I next week. There's actually no work I need to get done
  8. Or you can play the song she fucken hates me if thats the case my friend.

  9. i second this
  10. What is sounds like so far is... she wants to spend time with you.

    Already this girl is interested in you. HIT THAT!

  11. It's a little more complex than just that... I'm all for keeping it simple as far as girls go, but a lot of girls want to spend time with me that aren't interested in getting physical. You just have to pick up on hints, body language, and vibes.
  12. you did good but dnt fuck it up when u meet
  13. You seem to be doing good, shes seems interested.
  14. Should of thrown some please responds in there
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  15. Yeah just take it easy, use the Spanish thing as a reason to get to talk to her and hang out with her, eventually you'll be able to just ask her to hang out for no reason at all.
  16. I think she does like you bro, but it could go either way, just be careful not to get friend zoned.
  17. when speaking spanish things can get very naked very quickly, look at antonio banderas.
  18. Thanks y'all but I think inviting her straight to my house would be a little to much.
  19. Can we bump here

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