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Does this get you more high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bolgin, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Ok, so when your taking a hit, does breathing in air afterwards help you get more high? i noticed when i did that, the smoke i breathed out was very faint, but when i didn't it was thick. so breathing air pushes more of the THC in your system when you breathe air? can someone confirm my theory of the smoke thinning?
  2. I might have read this wrong, but maybe its because you took in more smoke when you dont breathe therefore it would be thicker.:smoking:
  3. no i have tested it, i take in about the same amount of smoke on each hit and then a little air on one and it thins out the smoke, i usually did it because it helps me not cough.
  4. when im running low on weed it helps to let out the hit in increments and every increment take in more oxygen.. it fucks u up!! :smoking:
  5. Yeah it is called inhaling. You have to inhale to get high.
  6. The same amount of smoke should come out... It's the THC that goes into your system and its presence doesn't make a visible difference to the smoke.

    If you don't inhale the smoke, you won't get high at all. Breathing in the extra air helps you to inhale the smoke, rather than just holding it in your mouth. It's not strictly speaking necessary if you inhale properly to begin with, but for newbies it's the best way. I still do it because I like the feeling of cool air in my lungs with the smoke as well.

    Another thing is that you need oxygen to breath, therefore breathing in a load of air along with the smoke will helps to hold your breath longer because you take in more oxygen.
  7. With joints I tend to take in the extra air so that the smoke is not sitting in my mouth. Same thing with the bong if I know I won't be able to clear the chamber. I find it helps me take the hit without coughing but I don't think it does anything more than that...One thing I'll say for pulling air in afterwards is that it feels right to do
  8. Basically your esophagus is like a bong. By pulling in that last little breath clears your lungs and gets all the smoke into your lungs from your throat.
  9. I do this and it fucks me over. Everyone always stares at me thinking, "WTF?"

    "You gotta squeeze out every last molecule of THC MOTHERFUCKERS!!!"
  10. Most people I know don't do it, idk it just seems kinda weird to me to do it. I don't think it can get you more high, unless you're not inhaling in the first place. Its funny because about a week ago I smoked with some people way less experienced and they tried to tell me I'm not inhaling if I don't do that little thing where you breathe in the air. They all do it because they think it makes them look cool and that you're supposed to like hold the smoke in your mouth after a hit and then just suck in air afterwards. :hello::smoking:
  11. You have to inhale the smoke. You're not gonna get high with the smoke in your mouth or throat, it has to be in your lungs.

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