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Does this G look odd to you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Big Stuart, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Got a bag two days ago of a guy I haven't used in a while, had a few smokes of it and they've all tasted very weird, the bag itself smells beautiful very citrus-y but when you're actually smoking the shit, man it can only be described as the taste of burning plastic/hair on your tongue, leaves a horrible aftertaste too, and last night at one point I could literally hear crackling coming off the top of the joint as it was burning, never had that before.

    So I thought it was my skins, changed them and that horrible taste is still there, the Bud when I got it was very dry and flakey, also full of big stems, not what I'm use to which is more compressed-hard buds, my usual guy buys his shit online, this stuff is homegrown so I'm assuming that's why it looks the way it does but do you guys have any observations just from looking at it?

    I actually gave the dude a text yesterday and said that it wasn't up to scratch and his reply was 'That's weird, It isn't sprayed though' - like who the fuck says that? I never even mentioned it being sprayed.

    What do you guys think? Does it look as shit as it taste?

    IMG_0431.JPG IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0437.JPG IMG_0444.JPG
  2. i see two problems with this picture:

    1, Shit trim
    2, Tobacco
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  3. That's a whole lot of leaf you're smoking. Honestly you should've not bought it. The grower is greedy and wanted to make as much $ as possible by not trimming it properly. Crackling is nothing to worry about that can happen with anything your smoking I think. It could even just be like an air pocket in the joint or something.
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  4. I'd be seriously worried about him talking about spraying when you didn't mention it too. Speaks volumes about the guy.
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  5. That's reaally sketchy and he sold you some true trash bud. Looks like it was trimmed by a fucking carrot, your dealer sounds like a money grabber.
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  6. That's someone's homegrown, not medical quality bud so who knows. Chances is are its also premature and any nutrient's used might not have been flushed properly explaining the off taste/smell and looking closely I see way too many white hairs etc....meaning premature buds aside from all the trim leaf still left on the buds.
    Plus they are not sugar leafs so they will contain marginal/little thc. The long and short of it deal with someone that deals in strictly quality or don't deal at all is my motto anymore.
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  7. What color is the ash black ? If so your smoking nutrients could be bad for your lungs. Bag it up and sell it to the next guy.

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