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Does this bother anyone else?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RedEyedDrifter, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. People who "believe" they smell weed. Especially when you know they've had little to no contact with the substance.. and they are so positive that they smell it too. Idk maybe its just me and im the kind of person that doesnt care to assume and throw out accusations if I dont actually know.

    Any other wake and bakers on?
  2. I know what you mean. But part of it is also curbing out your sense of smell if you smoke a lot (cigarettes/clipping play a bigger role in this).

    There's tons of times where I don't smell anything and yet other people pick up the smell. I hate it because it makes me mad paranoid.
  3. i don't know about you but im like a damn meerkat when i smell bud around

  4. I believe it i wouldnt be suprised if the smell of weed was coming out of my pores haha but i think what im trying to say is who cares IF somebody MIGHT be smoking bud, let them be.
  5. i live in canada. so unless you're in a really conservative city people don't do shit.
  6. I know what you mean, but a lot of the time I got weed on me, so if someones says that I'm like "Oh shit" especially if they dont smoke lol.
  7. It's not like they go hunt them down or something :confused:
    If they wanna say they smell weed then let them say they smell weed. I personally think it's funny when I smell bud cause I know there's a fellow stoner close by.
  8. i don't know anyone who's certain about smelling weed when they've never been exposed to it. myself, being a fairly experienced toker, have had times where i believe i get the minor scent of weed when it is usually something else. did this every happen to anyone?
  9. Can't relate.

  10. Oh im the same way. But some of the people i have to work with and my OLD friends who completely went straight edge kinda give off the vibe that they are ready to lynch that mother fucker smoking dope.

  11. Theres bushes at my work i have no clue what kind but it gives off a smell very similar to bud it used to catch me off guard all the time.
  12. This summer I went to this really hippie-ish music festival (Floydfest) with my parents. I smelled sooo much weed, and saw multiple people smoking. But it was funny because once when it was particularly strong smelling my mom made some comment about a skunk. xD But I know she knows what weeds smells like, maybe she just thinks I don't. Hahaha
  13. Dead skunks trick me all the time to be honest. Like when I'm out running I'll start glancing around ya know
  14. We were walking around at 6 am and its like wake and bake city out there.:)
  15. I was on the bus and the whole bus smelt like some skunky dank. And this was this guy that was looking all paranoid like he was gonna get caught. He must have been carrying some big weight..The whole time on the bus I felt like I was living inside a nug:smoking:
  16. Dont know if this is relevant but I hate when I go to In N Out faded and forget my eye drops and everyone looks at me like Im fukin crazy. Well. If your at in n out in cali at 2am and your not high, YOUR fukin crazy.
  17. My wife (think little old lady with cane) carried half a pound on the bus and no one looked at us-the young guy next to us with the dreads was the one getting the eye. He kept checking his pockets and smelling his coat the whole trip.
    Poor guy.

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