Does this auto look good for 1 week

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  1. Im currently growing 2 plants gorilla grow style. Plants are currntly getting 13 hours of light though its not always direct light. One of them had a problem and lost its first false leaf but the other one looks healthy. Which leads me to my next question does this look small for 1 week

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  2. No, start over!

    I see you gave your plant some scenery ;)
  3. Should i really start over? Whats wrong with the soil? I thought it was pretty good soil, its like high in peat moss its quite airy and drains good. Its got perlite in it and come cley pellets
  4. What scenery
  5. No he's just joking , looks good and as for the scenery he means the rocks in your pot

    If life gives you lemons
    You make lemonade
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  6. Oh hahha those where there because i had put them ontop of a plastic container which placed above my seedling to protect her from some harsh winds
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  7. :) she should be fine bet. If she lost a leaf will just take her a bit longer but should recover. Sometimes I'm rough with my plants no clue why they stick around at time.
  8. Poor girl lost her leaf because of some moving i had to do to try and change its location so it gets more light

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