Does this appear to be a nitrogen deficiency? (photos attached!)

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  1. First off, thanks in advance for your help!

    This is a clone planted 29 days ago, and over the last couple of days the lower leaves are turning a uniform yellow. I'm using FoxFarm's Grow Big and Big Bloom at 50% strength. The strain is Blue Dragon and it's in a 5 gallon container until it gets too big, then I have a 10 gallon container that I will transfer it to.

    Would upping my Grow Big help, or is there something else I should be doing? This is my first grow.

    Here's the Blue Dragon:


    My other two clones aren't suffering from the same malaise.

    Here's the Grandaddy Purp planted 21 days ago (clone):


    ...and here's the Grapefruit Kush planted 20 days ago (clone):

    Thanks again!

    NOTE: The burned leaf tips was caused by watering with liquid nutes and the tips being in constant contact with the soil, which burned them.
  2. Yes, it does look like a nitrogen defficiency because the larger leaves are turning yellow while the younger smaller leaves on your plant are still green. Although I noticed a few greyish spots on the leaves, this could mean there may as well be a potassium defficiency, or both potassium and nitrogen.
  3. Check that PH first, to be sure its not lockout.
  4. So I got a nice PH tester and my Blue Dragon had a PH of 6.4, while the other 2 had a PH of 6.9.

    Realizing that it was indeed a nitrogen deficiency, I went to my local hydroponics store and they recommended that I use my FoxFarms ferts as recommended (as opposed to halving the dose) and to sprinkle the soil with oyster shell.

    I'll let you know how it turns out.
  5. One other question I had was about the part of the plant that was yellowing. The yellow leaves aren't dead, just yellow. Should they be removed or left alone?
  6. Once they reach 50% damage or more take em off. If they aren't that bad leave them on.

    If its the first time giving them nutes I would start at a 1/4 strength of FF grow big. That stuff is really strong and will burn your young plants.

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