Does This Annoy Anyone Else?

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  1. I hate it when I'm stoned and I turn to my buddy and I ask him a deep question and he replies with " high are you?" and never answers my question. If I were to ask you a question like "What words do you think are beautiful?", I expect you to start rattling off a list like "Lackadaisical, illuminate, exuberant, infinity, wisdom, innocuous, panacea," etc, not just give me a dopey fucking look and ask me how high I am. Does this piss anyone else off?
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  2. Yeah. It really does. It also pisses me off when I try to reask my question because they didn't answer it and forget what I was going to ask
  3. S'why I quit smoking.

    It's too hard to spark meaningful conversations with others, and after a while weed just seems to close your mind rather than open it.
  4. They don't get it, man. They just don't get it.
    I was waxin' poetic about space the other day to my buddy. Talked for maybe a good 5 min tellin him my thoughts about it at the moment to be answered with a "Yeah, huh?"
  5. I only have a few friends who are like that and I rarely smoke with them
  6. ...How high are you?
  7. I love smoking with thinkers I love having intellectual conversations while high I love lamp..
  8. Kind of annoys me, but I know if a person is going to be able to engage in a meaningful and/or philosophical conversation, if I know they'll say something like that I'll just keep it to myself. But my main friends I smoke with also love to talk about deep things when high or otherwise.
  9. The thing that annoys me most is when I'm stoned, and obviously you can tell because my eyes get redder than the devils dick, and some sober asshole will come up to me all like "DUDE ARE YOU HIGH?? Do you even remember my name? LOLOLOLOLOL". Like, really? Yes, your name is Ted and whether I'm stoned or not, you're still an asshole. Fucking Ted.
  10. But I just love it when this shit happens.
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  11. [quote name='"DragonFury"']some sober asshole will come up to me all like "DUDE ARE YOU HIGH?? Do you even remember my name? LOLOLOLOLOL".[/quote]

    This made me laugh lol

  12. Is every Ted a asshole it always seems like it that and guys named chad.
  13. [quote name='"SirBongwalski"']

    Is every Ted a asshole it always seems like it that and guys named chad.[/quote]

    Chad's are always cocky. Always.

  14. lol'd hard.

    yea but its same reason why measurements and shit are standardized.

    so people can communicate. need to be agreeing on wat means wat to communicate ideas and shiz

  15. I know a Ted and a Chad and they both happen to be assholes. So maybe. I'm gonna have to avoid those names when I have children. haha

    On another note, HOLY SHIT I HAVE ANOTHER REP BAR!:yay::metal::yay:
    Sorry, just now realized it. lol :D
  16. I only give them 1 chance to Piss me off. One.

    There's a good saying, only you have the Consent to be insulted, or something like that. If that fails, you control who you smoke with.
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    Lol. I have made a list of words that I like.

    apparatus (I like how this one's singular and plural at the same time)
    integrate (the calculus operation)
    drive (the noun, in particular, AC motor drives or a transmission of some sort)
    lathe (I like to say it la-THAY sometimes)

    And this quote always makes me laugh
    "I love how DMW douches try so hard to justify their douchocity. I remain steadfast in my position of counterdouche douchebaggery."

    Yeah, I'll go into a lot of detail sometimes when I'm blazed and talking or forum-posting.
  18. Combination of two words that I like :

    Ellaborate further
    Abrupt end
    Quick look
    Green grass

    I'm sure there are more but I can only think of these right now.
  19. y'all forgot about the coolest word ever.

    exodus. :cool:
  20. Sorry dude, but I find nothing cool about the word 'Exodus'.

    It just reminds me of very dusty desert...

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