does this always happen?

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  1. when plants go into buddign do the big sucker leaves usually yellow curl and fall off aswell as other leaves throughout the plant or could this be happening beacuse of my fert. i recently started using some bloom booster poowder i mix with water and water my plants. could the yellowing leves be fert burn? also i finally chopped down a plant. ill post trimmed pics later.
  2. thats completly normal....btw what month can cannabis plants no longer survive outside in moving there in a few months
  3. if youre in the right area id say all year round.
  4. heres a bud trimmed up. 4 days old i tihnk?

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  5. leeeaaffy,loose,light
    but looks dankycure it and get the best out of it
  6. explain to me what i should do. also this is the first and smallest of 6 so ill be letting the other bud out much longer.

  7. lol I live in florida and its october and i have 3 that just sprouted... They may not go into a long veg state but we will get some bud and it will have a chance of being purple <3 plus there will only be like 3 days of frost the whole winter If that.... Just bring em inside and if they are big enough just dont water them when you know its comming and wrap them up in a blanky haha
  8. heres some update pics of my trees. tell me what you think.

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  9. would it be devastating to a palnt if i snipped off a mature looking top or branch but leave the plant growing with some smaller buds to sstill mature?

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