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Does this actually get the smell off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shabab, May 17, 2010.

  1. After I smoke w/ a piece, I go swish around water in my mouth and rinse off my hands w/ a little soap. Will this get the smell off of my breath and or hands? I can never tell b/c i have no sense of smell when i am high.
  2. haha i do the same thing. washing your hands definitely helps and swishing with water probably helps a little but i always do it cause im so paranoid lol.
  3. I go through four steps:
    1) Hand sanitizer
    2) Cologne or spray
    3) Gum
    4) Eyedrops
  4. I dont get why people are so paranoid. I can smoke in my room, leave a window open, and then not brush my teeth or wash my hands, and my parents can come home an hour later and everything is fine. I dont use visine or anything either, i keep my eyes red :smoking:
  5. Hand sanitizer, perfume/cologne, gum... all works well

    Ozium helps kill the smell from the air

    I also learned I should Febreze my coat when I leave the house sometimes (during the colder months) because apparently it reeks of weed from just being in my apartment haha

    Also, if you get nasty resin or anything on your hands and it stinks - Formula 420 gets that shit off your hands real good
  6. Hand sanitizer, gum, Ozume. The 3 things any stoner needs.
  7. I think when you smoke the smell is coming from your lungs, so you can't really get rid of the smell by rinsing your mouth, but you can mask it with gum ;)
  8. All those are pretty standard. If you don't have gum, I suggest mouthwash, it freashens my breath and gets rid of cottonmouth, IMO.
  9. You don't need anything crazy, simply wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse well, and maybe splash some cold water on your face.
    It's always good to stay hydrated as this will prevent red eyes and will prevent cottonmouth.
  10. smoke a cigarette. but yeah wash your hands. get some gum. maybe some axe or something.
    unless its like reeally super stinky dank i smoke constantly
    baking out in a car or just sitting in the basement
    do nothing to hide the smell and no one notices
  11. ya i dont understand, I smoke in my apartment constantly, and i never smell. Then again, I can never smell people that smoke unless they have weed on them, my nostrils arent what they used to be. I smoke on my walk to campus sometimes, and roach it around 5 minutes before i get there and when I walk into class im fine, no one has ever said anything. If your ever really worried about your breath, eat some peanut butter and garlic croutons, when I lived at home with my parents I would do that after drinking and it covered it up perfectly. just make sure not to eat them together, its nasty as hell :)

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