Does the water have to be warm when I am making bat guano liquid fertilizer?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by putinfanboy96, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. I've heard when making bat guano tea with malasses and an air stone to aerate it the water is supposed to be warm. With just a 1/4 teaspoon of bat guano into a gallon of water, does the water first have to be warm? Or can the water I get from my bath tub or sink be room temperature and the bat guano will still do its job when I apply 1/4 of the gallon of the guano liquid fertilizer onto the soil?

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  2. no
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  3. So why does it have to be warm when making a guano tea with molasses and air stone but not if it's just a simple liquid gallon fertilizer?

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  4. try mixing molasses with cold water
  5. Why do I need warm water if I'm putting just 1/4 guamo teaspoon of bat guano in a gallon of water? Isn't that just for tea with molasses?

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  6. Why? What will that do? And where can I get organic molasses from?

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  7. try it and find out

    there's a store just down the street from me that has organic molasses. you should go there....
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  8. Molasses is thick af man put it in cold water and shit wont mix up,,like on tv u see lava go into ocean or cold body of water it hardens up into rock needs to be warm water but not hot imo

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  9. Yes, I Guess as the tea is best when brewed with warm water. Cold water slows the growth and reproduction of microorganisms that break down the guano, and hot water limits the oxygen available throughout the brewing process.
  10. Molasses feeds the microbes. Organic unsulphured/Non-sulphured molasses is what you want.
    Can get it at most any grocery store I imagine. I get mine at Safeway.

    It mixes better in warm water. What I do is mix the amount I want in a small container of warm water, stir it, swirl it around then dump it into my main brew.
  11. Can I pour 1/4 gallon the bat guano that has mollasses in it and has been aerated for 24 to 48 hours on the soil?

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  12. i, m looking into doing teas, could i buy a bag of worm casting, mix with water and mollasses? Or is bat guano best, npk

    Also looking into what kind of setup for aerating, suppose that id easy to find

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  13. Any of those will work. Compost too. Lots of beneficial bacteria in that and castings. Probably best to always have at least one or the other and add your guano or alfalfa meal or maybe kelp.
    Check your guano. Different sources from different parts of the world have different NPK values. Some are N rich, some P rich.

    I just use a standard fish tank bubbler. Gotta clean off the stones every once in a while when aerating, or the bacteria and gunk sticks to them, they get kind of plugged off, then don't work as effectively.
  14. Should be fine assuming not too strong. I use a TDS meter, even though it's not the most accurate with organic type nutes, it gives me a rough idea. I never water with any tea stronger than ~300ppm but that's just my preference, and I have LOADS of amendments in my soil. I do very mild doses.

    But yeah you should have good bacteria and aeration after that long. Typically my teas get fairly foamy, that's usually when I am about ready to apply it.

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