Does the right clone look unhappy ?

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  1. They're 2 day old clones. What's wrong with the second one ? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415911709.540255.jpg

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    Aere these rooted clones or 2 days from being cut? They look like unrooted clones to me, in which case the right one looks like its experience normal signs of what every clone goes through. Clones can take up to 2 weeks or so sometimes before rooting begins so its important to keep the humidity raised and the medium moist. Did you use any hormone gels or powders before placing them in the media?
  3. Yes 2 days from being cut. And yes I used a rooting powder

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  4. Looks okay, they do take a while to root and they can suffer a bit in the meantime.
    By the look of it the soil is very wet?  If so those cuttings will never absorb all that water, so they do't need any more.  If they look a bit wilty, try covering them with a humidity tent (e.g. a plastic bottle) rather then giving them more water unless the soil is actually barely moist.  When you water it, just water a little around the plant not the whole container, until it is properly rooted.
    I've had batches of 20 clones with 100% success rate, and I've had 30 failed clones in a row.  Success is mainly down to experience and good practice, but there is a heavy dose of luck involved too.  If you have the mother plant, be prepared to take another clone.
    Good luck!

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