Does the present time exist?

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  1. I have been thinking lately about time man, or at least a time line. We can divide time into three sections right: past, present, and future. For me, the past and future are easy enough to grasp, but the present is a problem.

    The present is essentially an infinitley small point in time, basically a zero point. So does the present actually exist or do we travel from past to future instantaneously. Is this just like Zeno's paradox, where we can use an infinte series to show that it is not a zero point?
  2. time is not a dimension that we can plot on paper.
    we only expect the future, but the passing of what could be the future into what has just become the past is our processing of now. i suppose you could say we're instantaneously moving from past to future because it is this instant that is now. and now, the last few keystrokes are the past.
  3. "the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

    ~ Einstein ​
  4. Yeah, dude, it is fucked up. you can never really see now, it just is.its like if anyone really lived in the now, the universe would just cease to exist:eek: wtf!?
  5. the only time is now, and it is infinity, whether humans exists or not. we just created the concept of the future and past.
  6. Reminds me of a few famous words..

    "This is the best nanosecond of my life! No, this one is! No, this one!, Ok that one was slightly worse... so far so good on this one!"

  7. OP: How could it not exist? We're here aren't we?
  8. Think deeper into what he's saying. If in the future I'll be typing the next word, but in the past I just typed those words...where is the present?
  9. Now is now now.

    What happened to then?

    We just missed it.


    Just now.

    Who???!!! :eek:
  10. Its right, we created the time line after time already existed. You shouldnt be able to measure time with past present and future. Its everlasting. We just built a way to simplify it and make others understand. Or for tracking purposes, dating and what not. Because if you think back to the old days Time was measured by the sun's shadow on a sundial. But how do you go from Sundials to Digital without altering Time somehow, because the Sundials time wasnt truely accurate. So ... WHO DECIDES WHAT TIME IT IS?... Man im stoned. lol
  11. Riiiiiiiight............Now!
  12. The present is an imaginary line, necessary for the future to cross over into the past. It is only the thickness of a nanosecond, and yet it absorbs all our attention to even be aware of it. It is the collapsing of the waveforms we observe.

    So yes, it exists, but so briefly that it appears as history, for by the time you realize it, it has crossed the line.
  13. Acutually that was then. This is now.
  14. That was like 1 minute ago ^^
  15. After this post, I plan on going to the Card store across the street to buy and watch Spaceballs!

    Relativity shows us that different parts in space are at different times in time. Objects traveling faster will be earlier in time in relation to objects going slowly. While this is generally only applied to objects traveling near the speed of light, it affects the whole of space-time. Even as I type on the keyboard, time for my fingers goes slower than for my toes(which are not moving).

    This makes the whole meaning of the term "present time" a bit odd. The best you can do is call it the present in your personal time(the average speed of time for your body.

    The best place to find out what exactly is the the present? The event horizon of a black hole where time stops! Unfortunately you may be unable to relay your findings to the rest of us.

  16. But are we?

    Are we someone else's reality? Is the universe existent outside our minds? :smoke:
  17. Yes, the present time does exist.

  18. Shit, I juts missed it.

    Oh wait here it is!

    Fuck, lost it again.
  19. There you go.

    wait, its gone....

    here it i- doh!
  20. Wait for it..........

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