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Does the Oral-Eze Mouth Swab test by Quest Diagnostics detect pot longer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Experience, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Hello! I'm sorry to be one of many that come through asking the dreaded 'Do you think I passed' question. However, I've been doing some research on the 'Oral-Eze' saliva test (it has a blue indicator dot and is sent off to quest diagnostics) and many sources are saying it detects marijuana for a longer amount of time than typical saliva tests. Their own website states that it will detect it up to 72 hrs, but I've seen others say they abstained for 7 days and still showed positive for weed with this test.
    Anyone who has some experience with this exact kind of test please share any information that you can! Here is a link to the exact test:
    So anyway here are the details - My fiance has been a heavy user for several years but abstained from smoking for 16 days prior to the test. Also, he has been in the house with me and I continued to smoke because I had read that 2nd hand exposure won't show up in a drug test. Almost every day those 16 days he brushed his teeth rigorously and swished with off-brand Listerine. He is continuing to abstain on the off-chance that the test should be redone. What is your opinion?
    Thanks everyone! I'll make sure to post again with the results.

  2. Back to hopefully ease the minds of others in a similar situation. We were laying in bed together this morning when he got the call... And he passed!! Logically we knew that he should pass considering how long he abstained, but we were worried about the 2nd hand smoke and that particular fancy saliva test.
    So, to recap:
    Heavy user for years
    Not athletic, has some meat on his bones ;)
    Abstained for 16 days
    Brushed and rinsed with off-brand listerine for 2 weeks
    Took 'oral-eze' mouth swab test that was sent to Quest Diagnostics lab
    Passed and got the results with 48 hours of the test arriving at the lab
    I can finally relax!
  3. yeah oral swabs usually only work if you are high when you take it

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    Hope I'm not violating any forum rules by cross posting, but I thought it would be good to have this information available for any other stressed out tokers who may be spending countless hours googling.
    Hey folks. I had an Oral-Eze screen on Thursday, after reading this and many, many other threads hoping to pass, and have been pretty stressed since. There is a ton of good advice here which I really hope helped me pass, but I also wanted to look at some more scientific data. Using Google Scholar, I found several clinical, peer reviewed studies, some about the Oral-Eze device specifically. Unfortunately, none of the databases i have access to through my unversity had the full text, so I was only able to read abstracts of all but one of these. Furthermore, I study humanities and social science, so I'm not really educated on how to read and make sense of scientific technical writing. Anyway, here are the conclusions that I believe are most obvious.

    1. Many of the articles do support the 36-72 hour max window for detection, especially in regard to THC itself. The situation gets more complicated with THC metabolites though, especially THC-COOH. Using certain cut-offs and combinations of indicators, some of the research suggests that the Oral-Eze  device may produce positive results for 15-30 days.

    2. Rather than how heavy a smoker you are, the biggest determinate in how long THC and especially its metabolites are detectable in saliva depends on how long you have been smoking. People who have been smoke over 10 years tested positive for significantly longer than those who had been smoking for fewer years.
    3. Few metabolites enter the saliva through the blood/secretion. Most is accumulated through physical contact with THC, which does suggest that a good rinsing and masking routine could render any residue undetectable. The studies I read didn't address this specificaly though, so that is just speculation and could be entirely wrong.
    4. Blood has higher levels of metabolites than saliva and may be detectable with oral fluid tests. Try to keep it out of your specimen.

    If anyone has full access or better understanding of science, maybe you can help clarify this for me. What wasn't clear to me was if the protocals used in the study that found metabolites for weeks is the protocol used by the lab for analyzing these tests. I suspect if it was, there would be a lot more positive, but then again, it could just be that GrillMeat's techniques really are legit. This might also explain why some folks swear to have abstained for a week or more and still tested positive.

    This is the full text article I found:

    Here are some abstracts:

    There are a couple others, but these tend to cover it.

    Hope this info helps.
  5. Just so everyone knows quest also uses a brand called "quantisal" it's requires Atleast 1ml of saliva before the indicator turns and it is 50% more effective at detecting weed than any other swab including oral eze. It comes in a red packaging with a vial with liquid in it (a stabilizer to preserve the THC or other drugs) and a swab screwed in to it. do not I repeat DO NOT think you can quit for like 24 hours and pass. I did for about 18 hours and brushed teeth 5 times a day as well as used multiple types of mouthwash, smoked a cig and chewed altoids before and during the test. I did all of this for days leading up to it and still got a big fat F. Good news is if they request a piss test like they did from me just buy Upass synthetic urine version 8.2-8.3. If they sent your swab to quest chances are your pee is goig there too, so relax, stretch a hand warmer to the pee, stick it to your leg (I used picture stickies on both sides) and make sure that temp is at a lukewarm 96-98 degrees and DO NOT Exceed 100 or below 90 they will dump it out and make you piss again so just do that and if it's the right temp that shit will fool any quest lab from here to the Mason-Dixon Line. Happy toking!

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  6. Had a job interview and they told me to come in for a cheek swab test. Stopped smoking 72 hours before the test, brushed my ENTIRE mouth with the toothbrush, used Listerine then peroxide one after the other a few times after brushing and once right before going in. I was also told to drink some soda and swish around so its not obvious you're trying to sterilize your mouth, lol and that soda helps because it changes the ph in the mouth. Got a call two days later saying I passed :)
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    Okay, so, I realize here that I am pretty late to the party. But I was hoping my post could help those in need who are in the same situation I was in: Knowing you have a saliva test coming up, but 1. it hasn't been the mandatory "3 days" the internet states you should put between your use and the test, AND 2. You have no idea what all drugs are being tested for, or if you'll show pos. So you end up Googling every "oral swab test" phrase you can think of, and stumbling upon masses of old Forums with mixed replies.
    I stumbled upon this forum by frantically searching for info on the Oral Eze (aka blue dot) spit swab, trying to make sure that I didn't fail mine. I don't smoke weed. But meds I've taken in the past few days were enough to concern me into almost purposefully throwing my interview so that I wouldn't have to drug test, risk failing it, and being reported to my state BON.
    I am so, so glad I didn't throw away the interview.
    Oral Eze, as it turns out, is a user-friendly test. All the Listerining and mouthwashing, so on and so forth are all cute ideas, but hardly necessary to pass. Oral Eze is intended as a spur of the moment, spring-it-on-em type of test. So if you have the luxury of knowing you've got one, even 24 hours before it comes up, you are MORE THAN LIKELY GOING TO BE FINE if you abstain from that point on. Mouthwash or no mouthwash.
    IF YOU ARE A WEED SMOKER: You are almost DEFINITELY going to be fine. If you are a user of Amphetamines, Meth, Coke, Opiates (hydros, morphine, and codeine; the test doesn't even detect oxies).... and you have given appx. 36-48 hours between your last use and the time of your test, YOU will probably be fine. If you are not a user of any of the above, and your drug of choice is benzos, acid, shrooms, and so on, you could use them DURING the interview and every day before, and YOU will be fine. The website confirms the Oral Eze test is just a more spur of the moment version of a simple 5-panel urinalysis, with the ability to read more recent usage, but with a detection window far shorter than a UA.  (24-48 hours as opposed to 2-7 days)
    Info directly from the Quest Dx Oral Eze Website:
    "Detection times are more recent than that of UA, with the detection window being from as little as 1 hour after use, usually extending to 24-48 hours after use."   I have read online that spit swabs (IN GENERAL) can detect some drugs for up to 3 days. Very few drugs for up to 5. So if you're trying to be on the safe side and you're worried about something on the above roster other than weed, try to give it 3-5 days, but don't fret if it's only been 48 hours, as Oral Eze in particular supposedly doesn't read far beyond that, according to their site. But as far as marijuana goes....
    Direct Quote from the guy who administered MY spit test:
    Me (with the stick in my mouth): So, just out of curiosity, what all drugs does a saliva test look for? I've 'NEVER' heard of one, I usually just pee in a cup!
    Him: Ha, yeah. Um, All the major ones... Coke, PCP, marijuana... Marijuana's the only one it's kind of iffy on. You have to have pretty much JUST smoked in the parking lot before your interview for it to come up positive for THC. Everything else is pretty well-detectable.
         So there you have it. Countless stoners online will back up that info, having passed within as little as 8 hours of smoking, from what I've read.  So, the tl;dr of my post for other Googlers-in-Need:
    -Oral Eze Saliva Test tests for appx 1 hour to 48 hours after use
    -Oral Eze is the one with the blue dot that only appears if you've saturated your swab (*and by the way, some guy said "Just buy those little tiny drinks, hide one in your mouth, bust it, and saturate your cotton pad with that!" which, I also considered doing a version of...I thought about coconut oil, thought about bubble gum water balloons.... Glad I didn't get the chance to do those during my observation, as according to the quest website, they DO now test saliva for the presence of albumin, to make sure it's human saliva, NOT water or Nik-l-Nip drinks. So don't even try it.)
    -Oral Eze detects PCP, Cocaine, Amphetamines (including meth, Adderall, and ecstasy), and Opiates (including the majors: Morphine, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone. But NOT oxycodone, or synth. opiates such as Tramadol or Suboxone.) According to the site: "Oral Eze does not detect any drugs other than those listed above at this time."
    -If you smoke weed and don't mess around with any other drugs, As always, follow the Golden Rule and try to buy as much clean time as you possibly can, but if you're in a bind, PLEASE, don't make your gums bleed and chase it with burning Listerine, as it probably won't give you a better chance of passing than the GOOD CHANCE YOU ALREADY HAVE.
    Best of luck to everyone. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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  8. ^Allyk47 in 48 hours for amps? Anyway I hope so slipped up and only have like 65 hours till swab test
    According to the Quest site- "Oral Eze is best at detecting substances within the past 24-48 hours of use".
    (*Too Long/Didn't Read at the bottom).
    Now, my opinion is this: From a marketing perspective, if I were creating a website to sell a product, I would want to make my product (ie the Oral Eze test) look more effective. For example: If a test really detects for a max of 50 hours, they're going to SAY it detects for 60, not 40. Catch my drift? What I'm saying is that I believe 48 hours is more than likely the absolute max that Oral Eze in particular is going to detect for. The company would try to flatter themselves. So if there was even one drug on the panel that it was good at detecting for 72+ hours, they wouldn't just "forget" to mention it. (Notice how no hard candy brand EVER, has missed the chance to slap "Fat free!" on the packaging. Same concept.)
    Probably, what I'm thinking, is that it detects some drugs for maybe a few hours tops (here's looking at you, THC). Some for 12ish. And maybe one or two are detectable for up to 48. If even ONE drug on the roster is detectable for 48 hours, they still can advertise "48 hours" without it being false adv.  So it's quite possible it only detects most drugs for 24-36. But this isn't confirmed, just my opinion.
    If i were you, in the 24 or so hours prior to the test, I'd chew gum. I myself chewed up a whole pack in a day, chewing and spitting. It was gross. Every time you put a new piece of gum in, you start to salivate like crazy, as you'll notice. I would take 5 minute sessions here and there to chew a piece and spit out every bit of saliva that was generated, into the sink. Sort of like the way people drink a ton of water prior to a UA, not just to dilute, but to cleanse. The more you pee out, the more you 'rinse' your body out of the toxins. Same with chewing gum. It kind of cycles the spit- gets the old out, forces your body to make more. As I said, I spit out whatever I could, because I felt like, if I'm swallowing all the old saliva with toxins in it, what good am I doing myself? It's going right back into my body. Nobody would drink gallons of water prior to a UA if the piss was just going to go right back into their system, m I rite? Defeats the purpose, I feel.
    TL; DR :
    With that being said... I have read online that amps =CAN= take 72+ hours to be out of your system on a saliva test. But, this is just a MAXIMUM detection window. It does NOT mean that if you only have 71 hours under your belt, you're fcked. You said you had 65 in between, and 72 is pretty much the absolute maximum for saliva tests all-around (not for janky-ass Oral Eze, whose self-proclaimed strong suit is detecting drugs within 48). You're only 7 hours shy of the generally acknowledged maximum, and well beyond the 48 hours that Oral Eze's average max is. I believe you will be fine.  A little Listerine never hurt, though. Some people swear by it, but again- Its my opinion that most of the people who say Listerine helped them pass, Didn't really pass because of the Listerine but because of the short window of detection for the spit test.  In other words, they used mouthwash because they heard to do it on the interwebz, they passed their DT's, and they connected it to the mouthwash, when in reality, Theydve more than likely passed anyway.  I wouldn't go all out to mouthwash constantly for 24 hours straight. Just do a little swish or two on your way to the DT, that way on the off-chance that you somehow had like 0.00003Ng/uL of phets lingering in that particular saliva after all else is out of your system, you'll wash the remaining bits away.
    Come back and let us know how your test went!!
  10. Ok, first of I PASSED! It was a stat panel swab though but same concept. Thanks for the info I was clear from my last few mgs about 55 hours in advance. I'd advise people to at least mouthwash twice, brush teeth regularly, and chew gum as you said. Chugging a bottle of water before going in may have helped a little as well but these things are pretty inadequate. As long as you give yourself 2 days with regular water intake and a little exercise it's mostly ok. I tried to remain pretty positive and wash out any saliva on the way there. When the test is administered, just try to keep it away from gums and sides maybe touch tongue once or twice. One of my panels came up invalid I think cause I was taking it out of my mouth to avoid it being soaked but administrator didn't care.
  11. Anybody got any storied about the detox mouthwash or detox gum... thanks
  12. Hey guys im a 365 pound female that smokes at least three times a day .I had received a job offer and set an interview for the following week. I quit smoking for exactly one week (5days) and i passed the oral eze mouth swab test. I hope it helps because it can be stressful. I brush my theeth three times an hour before the test however i dont think it would have changed my test results if i didnt.
  13. I did the blue dot oral eze stick swab test that sit on your tongue for 10 fucking minutes, soaking it... Let me just tell whoever might read this you will be fine if you do what I did. Last smoked on a Monday at 3pm, tested at 6pm Wednesday. Brushed teeth and used Listerine 3x daily. Bought magnum detox mouthwash from a head shop. Used as instructed. Got results today, passed that shit. I'm a moderate daily smoker 110lbs.
  14. Don’t listen to any of these people. They don’t know what they are talking about. They either work for Quest, got lucky, or they are smoking some mids with no THC. I quit using marijuana for four whole days. Bought a new tooth brush, brushed every hour on the dot of my waking hours, flossed daily, rinsed with Listerine, Hydrogen Peroxide, spent $15 on a special kind of rinse, and I still failed the blue dot Oral-Eze from Quest Diagnostics. Give yourself at least a week. Everything says “Oh you’ll be good after a day or two.” No I failed after four complete days of no smoking.
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  15. Week to 10 days to be safe. The toxin rid mouth wash only works on Instant reading tests. If it’s going to a lab you will fail.

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  16. Never been drug tested in 56 years. I went into business for myself, and turns out I didn't ask myself for a drug screen. lol

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