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Does the iolite or the launchbox smell more?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TaylorGangBoii, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I want a new vape but idk if i should get the iolite or the launchbox. The launchbox is cheaper and seems way better. I just wonder if it smells and people will know im using. I want to be stealthy and im wondering about the smell :smoke:
  2. I don't know about the Iolite, but I own the MFLB and it does not smell at all.
  3. Really? Oh thanks i just dont want it stinking up my room
  4. I own a MFLB. I've used the Iolite once or twice. I recommend the MFLB above any other vape.

    I don't remember the Iolite being very smelly. The MFLB won't necessarily "stink up" a room, but most likely there is gonna be some "smell" (albeit nothing like combustion, or even larger vapes). Nothing a little incense/air freshener can't fix. The MFLB is definitely smaller and less expensive.

  5. launch box definitely smells like weed my friends. the smell hangs around for less, and if you deal with the vapor properly it won't smell much or at all.

    one time i was vaping and my sister and her friend walked down (they're cool so it doesnt matter) and as soon as they stepped in my room they said it smelled like bud. However, if you maintain a constant and strong enough inhalation (so no vapor escapes out of the top) and exhale vapor say into a shirt that was folded up several times or a sploof (shirt works better imo) then you'd be all set.

    My ideal mflb sesh is going into the bathroom, turning the shower on hot so it gets all steamy, get naked, chill on the toilet and vape to my hearts content. you can just exhale the vapor into the air, it goes away by the time the showers done. then i hop in the shower, jerk it, and come out feeling like a new man :smoking:
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    I have a MFLB for my dorm.
    The box itself does smell a little, but nit much, and when you exhale, depending on how big of a hit you took, it could smell. But it's not exactly like's a different smell. Someone who smokes would know it's weed related but my non stoner friends cant really recognize the smell. And that's only if you like blow out in their direction or in their face or somethin. And since it's vapor it doesn't really smell long at all
    You'll be fine. The most it will smell is like when you're reloading the trench, depending on how you've got that all set up.

    Edit: My dad, RA, and Hall director have all walked in the room (not at once) when I had just exhaled like 30 seconds before and they didn't smell anything.
    And someone else I know with one hits it in the middle of class.
  7. Don't get me wrong Ive hit it in crowded movie theaters, school bathrooms, in class, in my room while my mom walked in midhit...

    and havent gotten caught, its entirely possible, people just cant be disillusioned that it doesnt smell at all and its the most perfect thing ever. its great, but still has flaws
  8. i have an iolite and its perfect. doesnt smell at all. always vape in my room with the door open.
  9. #9 Barple, Dec 1, 2011
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    It really has a smell that people who "smoke" would recognize. I'd say it has one of the most stealthy "outputs", but I'd be lying if I said it smells exactly like a normal room when you use the MFLB. I don't know how you could use any device that didn't produce some sort of smell.

    Bottom line: Go buy a MFLB (off Blissville). :smoke: (we need a vaporizing emoticon)

    P.S. I used a VaporBrothers box vape & a MFLB in my dorm room and never got caught (anecdotal of course).
  10. MFLB yo. Get one and never be dissapointed.

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