Does the idea of an afterlife make life seem like its not worth as much?

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  1. Well why be safe? Why not just believe what you want, and not be fearful to the eyes of your spiritual freedom? No matter what religion/non-religion? Its kind of a sorry idea, Pascals Wager. There are many flaws too it ive read on it and did a 6 page report. Im also athiest. But I have no disrespect too any other religion. Im just saying why not just believe what you believe/disbelieve in and just live? Why would you want to stand behind something you truly have only 50% faith/ no faith in? Riddle me that.
  2. If you freeze a canned carbonated beverage, the energy of the carbon air will not freeze and makes the can exploded in the freezer. It's the same with the energy inside us that makes our cells move and live. It's called a soul. That goes somewhere when we die. Where? hell IDK it's none of my business while I am still in the physical realm of space and time.
      I look at it like taking a dump. Do we scoop the feces out of the toilet bowl and put it on a trophy mantle for our friends and family to see? No. We flush that crap. Outta site, outta mind, we wash our hands and move on. It's the same with this Earth. Once we leave it, it aint gonna matter. We will be in a whole new realm. Kinda like the butterfly morphing from a catapillar.
  3. afterlife..... :lol: .... what do you think ,your gonna die and then say oh darn im dead.... sorry to break it to some of you but, we are NOT that special...

  5. You just made me rethink my whole religious outlook. Not even joking.
  6. i wouldnt mind being an ass eating parasite actually.
    hahahaha that needs to be on a card
    religion is a tool to reach eudaimonia ( Different religions offer different views and aspects of life. They give different ways to bring peace to the mind and people. 
    Politics often distorts the concept of religion, and what it's purpose is. 
    The problem I have with your type of believer; You only believe because you think that if you do you're gonna get something out of it.
    That makes me sick.
  10. Yeah, I know that there's no afterlife. It definitely doesn't make me happier knowing that, though.
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    We still may be bacteria living inside of some dude's asshole, but that's really irrelevant right?  I mean isn't the point that we're alive, and at this moment we have a chance to love, to touch and see an astonishing world around us?  What if the "afterlife" is the grand excuse to succumb to the fear of living, so some folks put it off to another world, and all the while knowing how terrified they are to do anything.  Maybe the afterlife is a cult of people that see no real opportunities in this present life so they defer it to another?
    There are a lot of questions about death but what about living?
  12. I remember when I was sleeping.
  13. It makes no sense when people say, "I'm going going to believe in an afterlife just in case there is an afterlife..."
    It's not as if we choose what to believe.  We believe things based on experience and reason.  I couldn't say, "I'm going to believe that marijuana doesn't exist," because I've already experienced so many times and have very little doubt.  When you say, "I'm going to believe...just in case..." all you're doing is saying things and going through the motions.  You really are full of doubt to begin with.
  14. That wasn't my point at all. Jesus is the son of God and he was here to be the ultimate sacrifice by God so that we, by faith, will have everlasting life. I chose to believe what the Bible says. I don't live in fear because I know I'm saved by His blood. It takes more then being a good person. You have to make a conscious decision to follow His teachings. See? That's the opposition, we have free will and God says either follow me or follow the wordly ways, the ways of Satan. I'm not a Bible thumper by no means and if I'm wrong about Jesus and I don't think I am, then I guess my body rots in the ground and il be no more. But if I choose not to believe in Him and I go through life giving God the finger and He is real? Then I just basically sold my eternal soul. What is the cost of a mans soul? What? You think everything is fine and as long as you go through life with your attitude that everything is Honky dory that you'll be good? What will you tell God when you meet him? Oh Lord, I was a good person, I never killed anyone, or stoll any thing. Please let me in to heaven? And when he asks you why you snubbed Jesus what will you say? Oh I'm sorry Lord. Then you apologies are fake and He won't want to hear excuses. That's OK, I already have a personal relationship with our Lord. God won't have to ask me any questions because He knows that I've been for Him all along. Ill say a short prayer for all who think being a good person is good enough.
  15. I don't know about u but I remember when I'm sleeping and not , but then again I'm like Gucci manne I wake up in the morning to da paper da paper!! BURRrR
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    You believe in killing Prostitutes and homosexuals?
    You believe in marriage before sex ?
    You believe that weed and drugs that can change your way of emotional feeling are forbidden ?
    The list goes on for days , point be u can't believe everything in the bible as its just a book written by some guys a few hundred years ago and has been readjusted to suit the writers Preferences .

    The bible was only a few pages almost 100 years AFTER Jesus . 100's of years went on and each century it got pages added by new peeps . Until it is what it is today 100's of pages

    Don't get me wrong the bible Quran Torah or whatever u want to read is good for u only if u r reading and cherry picking the good and forgetting the stupid and bad parts .

    I always say whatever makes u a better person then do it if worshipping a dead man or a dead cow if it makes u a better person then do it who al I to judge ill just say my opinion :)
  17. I don't know if there is a form of god somewhere, but if there is and he expects me to follow the way people do he can send me straight to hell. I try to be a good person and to be helpful with things i can, but hes not going to get me to dedicate my life to him without prooving he is even real. I mean follow if you want to but don't try your fear tactics on me, because you don't know any more then me where you go after you die.
  18. Well lets say you didn't really believe in god you just followed the religion to be saved if you were wrong and god existed. Wouldn't god know you did really believed and you just went to church as like some sort of afterlife insurance?
  19. You would think people who belive in an afterlife wouldn't be scared of getting killed.
     Ohh well if you murder me ill just go to an amazing place without suffering so go right ahead.
    I don't think anyone has 100% belief in there religion. There is always a shadow of doubt.

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