Does the idea of an afterlife make life seem like its not worth as much?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by SkinnyHD, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Think about it. What if nothing happens when you die? When you wake up in the morning do you remember when you were sleeping? no. So what if that is exactly how death is. That makes life seem so much more precious to me then if I was to believe that I would die and then live forever in a better world. PLUS even better I am a human. I could have been a bacteria living inside some dudes asshole or something.

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    life is what you make it, and you have an opprotunity at it so it make it your best effort to have a good life, since we all get reincarnated anyways, you really think this life we have just disappears? :smoke:
    and ignore the negative things, since it's all just dead weight on your soul.

  4. I think the thought of no afterlife makes me more uncomfortable and feel like life is pointless. is that strange?
  5. yes being immortal would suck, where's the peace?
  6. It doesn't cost one cent to believe in an afterlife and if I'm wrong oh well, but if I'm right, and there is an afterlife? What would it cost me for not believing? My eternal soul. I just don't want to be wrong about whether there is an afterlife so I choose to believe...know what I mean anybody?

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  8. does the thought of an afterlife even serve as a form of subtle control for some people? like using the idea of an afterlife to keep someone in check, almost like a fear tactic?

    I hope that made sense
    It does. A lot of sociopaths are given religion as something to keep them balanced in life. The fear of dying and going to an eternal hell scares them into ignoring their urges to do "bad" things. 
    I know what you mean. It's called Pascal's Wager and ignores the fact that there is more than one afterlife concept jostling for attention. You can't possibly entertain all different beliefs regarding the afterlife and how to get there. You could invest your entire life following Jesus, praying to be saved, and then end up in Hades with me.
    The cost is not what you lose if one superstitious myth is true. It's your spiritual freedom, by choosing to stay shackled to one silly idea.
  12. I'm no Bible thumper by no means. My point was its better to be safe than sorry.
    My point was that you can't. You say there is a Heaven, I say we just die and that's it, but really we are reincarnated. See? We both have different positions and are both wrong. And that's just with three different basic concepts being compared. You can't hedge your bets on an afterlife, usually "better safe than sorry" means "I can't even justify believing this shit but I'm scared it might be true".
  14. smoke another one dude
  15. I like to believe when I'm dead ill just feel super high like I just vaporized a gram of dank to the head.. Just minus the sense of sight as if I'm just floating blindly in the vacuum of space super high. :smoking:
  16. I think the idea of an afterlife makes life worth living until the end. 
    When your heart stops beating, your brain continues to function. Since blood isn't flowing, it functions much different. That person, even though dead, could still have consciousness and could be experiencing one of the greatest hallucinogenic trips known to man. It could be much like a dream state, where time is no longer a dimension. So it may seem eternal for the person experiencing it. Only ourselves can know whether or not we are truly happy or even satisfied in life. This would certainly affect chemical levels in the brain which could influence whether your mind takes you to a heaven or hell-like state. 
    The best, or worse, part is that it feels eternal and you can't get out of it. 
  17. I've never understood why people want an afterlife like heaven. If the whole point of your life is to be a good person so you can get into heaven, then what's going to be the point of living in the afterlife? You might as well accept that life is meaningless now because it would be meaningless then, when you'll never stop existing. I mean the whole point of life is that you die at some point. You should just be a good person because there is no afterlife and this is the only life you get to live. 
  18. ^^^ Agree with FumadorDeLaHierba
  19. I am atheist so I really don't care about that, but I do enjoy thinking about those things, hard to understand I know.

    Step 1: smoke a lot of sativa, wait 15 minutes then smoke a bowl or two of indica.

    Step 2: put some epic music on, something pike Hans Zimmer

    Step 3: stare at a wall, or close your eyes depending on how high you are

    Step 5: think about life, think about how everything revolves around money, think about the way it could have been if things were better in the 20s, think about nature in slow motion, think about deep space and how aliens DO exist, and they are thinking about other extraterrestrial beings. Think. About. Life.

    I know its a common thing to do, but I just want to refresh every bodies minds.

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  20. You should be a good person because there's no reason not to be. Hate is just a frame of the mind. There's no reason for it.

    But hey, if we all had a bon we'd all get along...

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