does the chamber have to be packed full?

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  1. Hello everybody! I am new to weed and still learning how to use my vaporizer. I have a G Pro vape which is very similar to Pinnacle Pro but only works with dry herb. It says that the chamber hold 0.5g and I read a lot of threads about different vapes where people say that u have to pack the chamber tight. I honestly cant imagine myself doing that because I usually use like 0.1g, which is the size of a tic tac mint (im not really sure cuz my scale cant measure 0.1g accurately) this 0.1g gets me blasted for 4 hours minimum. Even after im baked enough I still see the vapor coming out so ig im actually loosing some weed from that 0.1 cuz I end up just throwing it away.
    So what im asking is do u guys think its bad that I pack the chamber loose? Its packed like 1/4 full.
    Note: Grenco Science claims that this vaporizer is convection and I think it actually is cuz of the holes in the chamber and slow heat up time.
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    Test it with your normal amount and see how it works no point burning 5x as much if you don't need to some need to be filled more than others to work properly so best bet is just give it a go with your normal amount 1st.
  3. I did test it and it works great for me (high for 4-5h prob cuz I have dank bud and low tolerance). now im just wondering why do some threads say that u have to pack vapes tightly? And what usually happens if you pack it loose?
  4. They say pack tightly cause some are just plain crappy and need to be packed tight to even draw right, you likely just have a better version vape than others.

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