does thc react with any perscribed pills?

Discussion in 'General' started by newbie01, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. I am going to have to go to the dentist soon for some of my teeth to get pulled and I was wondering if bud will react with any of the pain pills or hurt the openings.
    i can't exadgerrate this me you do NOT want a could quite easily be the most painfull experiance of your life.....just say no:smoke:
  3. You will have plenty of pain pills to use after your pain is gone. I think the standard wating period is 3 days. You need to check out Durban Posion's thread about his dry sockets. It is a horrific site. I do not believe he got them from smoking because he did wait 3 days. Regardless, you really need to be careful with it. I smoked the day after and I was fine, but I made a risky decision and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.

    Now on to the fun. Yes yes yes they react in perfect harmony. I really hope you get perocet. I prefer them over the alternatives for various reasons. But others do not feel the same. I recomend only taking the recomended dosage on the bottle. You can smoke before or after or all doesn't really matter. I really love the marriage between weed and percs. Such a perfect high. euphoria central. Enjoy and be safe! :smoke:
  4. Im glad i dont have to get my wisdom teeth pulled, was just at the dentist today to get them check out and he said that they are fine, which is good cus i would rather knock them out with a hammer and chisel then go to the dentist :p . On the down side i have my first ever cavatie that i have to go get filled 2nd of next month.
  5. well i know one thing thats completly unrelated.... dont mix xanax with ganj and a beer.... i was fucking retarted off that.

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