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Does THC burn off?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by PurpleDino, May 2, 2009.

  1. If i were to make hash brownies would the thc burn out. I've been seeing a lot of threads when people talk about THC burning out around 300-350. I just want to know the TRUTHHHHH
  2. That is the truth. THC begins to dissapate after 300-350. I think there is a specific number, I had it in a cooking book once upon a time .....

    But generally, I like to stay well below 300. Not hard at all as long as you're keeping the heat low!

  3. i agree but how would you even make edibles if the temperature cant be above 300? you cant even bake brownies unless there some secret technique
  4. Look up an actual recipe with weed included, don't just guess.

  5. ? a recipe? why would i need a recipe. brownies dont cook well under 300 degrees. i cook all the time. i am sort of a food fanatic. i would cook anything if i had the resources.
  6. Just because you can cook other food that doesnt mean you can make good brownies..

  7. lol i don't bake a lot so i probably don't. but still the instructions on any brownie batter is usually over 300
  8. Guys,

    If I cook a piece of meat in the oven at 350, the meat itself does not reach that temperature, right?

    I'd like more information about the most effective waay of getting thc out of bud- for example, how long and at what temperature gets best results for oil? Which works better, butter or olive oil? How does the thc bonding to fat change it? Is it more resistant to heat once it does so?

    Makes me wish, for the first time, that I'd paid more attention to chemistry.

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