Does tar have more thc than bud?

Discussion in 'General' started by HotNreddy, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Every time I smoke tar from out of my bong or pipe it always seems to get me higher than bud does
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  2. You're not getting higher & it doesn't have more THC then weed does.. it probably has 1% it's probably less then that though.
  3. I've smoked it before myself years ago tho I just change bongs rather than have to handle that shit.. But it does get you pretty chinged but all depending on quality that was burned to make it but yeah some times it has got me wasted to be fair.. I've also dabbed reclaim and WAHOOWEE. that came as a shock was just like a dab apart from taste but yeah dab reclaim will still destroy you depending on quality of the extract started with...

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  4. Bloody hell this is at least the 3rd thread on the Northern Hemisphere wanting to smoke "Tar" in a week...

    Here in OZ if your were to scrape all that sticky brown shit out of your Bong Stem and filter out the bong water, it's called "Grut" Grut Bong's here and you really would be jonesing to resort to that lower of a level...
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  5. I smoked “TAR” one time as a teenager. The taste made me feel like throwing up.

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  6. it sure does not

    clean it with alcohol
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  7. Smoking anything is for hacks. Sorry. Horrible pun. :>]
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  8. Back in the forgotten days of yore i had smoked far to much of that shit lol
  9. Hell no.but the dude was right about wax reclaim. It gets you right !!

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  10. No but it gives a lot of high schoolers a head rush
  11. I used to do that a lot when I was getting close to running out, I would scrape 4 or 5 bowls worth and it would get me about as high as bud but it never lasted that long, and the taste is terrible. The popping combustion sensation you get when lighting is cool

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