Does society try to tell you what to want? Go.

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  1. Simple enough. Do u believe govt is too controlling and doesn't allow for happiness with the expectations that you have to have so many things to be happy?
  2. People are collectivist by nature so kinda.

    Its not a mass conspiracy. We still.chose to ovsorb ourselves into Kim.kardasian.

    Case in point not everyone buys it.

    Its just the sheeple mentality.

    We want to be accepted so subconciousky we like what we popular

  3. Advertising Age

    Wanna Be Wal-Mart's Ad Man? - Businessweek
    General Electric Co. | AdAge Encyclopedia of Advertising - Advertising Age
    Who Spends More on Ads -- Apple or Microsoft? Another Lesson in Quality vs Quantity - Forbes

    I could go on, but you get the point. It's not "society" that tells you want to want.
  4. Media has major influence. It sets the standard for what is right and wrong and what is and isnt. It cant be trusted. Its proven that the media is also connected to the government and it is used to manipulate.

    I can see through the bullshit and it looks like you can too.
  5. Yeah, we are all consumers, and people are easily influenced by marketing tactics. These people are not dumb, they know human psychology and play to its weaknesses.

    And as for government, they definitely think they know what is best for for you. They have long since overstepped their bounds and restrictions.

  6. True.
    Its that damn talking box in the corner with its fancy wares.
  7. It's the evil corporations, right?

    Walmart's ad budget is now closer to $2 billion annually, and it's not because they are trying to convince people that they need to shop, it's because they have greater competition than in 2006.

    Microsoft did not create the demand for electronics, they satisfied it. The only reason they have to spend so much is to defend their brand from competition.

    American consumerism was birthed after WW2 by the US government, which taught the people that consumption was patriotic. Even today our government/media tells us that saving is bad for the economy, and that we need to spend to get out of the recession. Sure, you can blame corporations for lobbying the propaganda, but that's only half of it.

    Here's a good book on how the government created a culture of consumerism in the 50's if you're interested: A Consumer's Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Post-War America

  8. I never implied there was anything "evil" about marketing and advertising. I was a commercial photographer for years, FFS.

    The only point I was making is that marketing and advertising has a large influence public opinion. Otherwise, companies wouldn't spend billions of dollars on it.

  9. Yes, it does.

    It's all about the context you think of about society.

    We can't live free because of over-population, and because of over-population, we have this society, which basically makes our lives predestined, and makes control over people a lot easier, especially if they think peace is being content with each other. No don't be content with each other I say, be content with life (of natural life or nature's life), then live to the benefit of each other. Now that is peace, harmony, and serenity.

    Also, I kind of think absolute freedom is the way to go, they tried to start off this American government through absolute freedom, but the articles of confederation was too little apparently. I say, better the articles than the constitution which is being tampered with as we speak! I mean think about how much history would have changed if we followed the articles, we would have been in tribes, yes. Warring tribes with selfish intentions might have arose as well. But at least the tribes that know peace would have valued it! And would have still have common sense! Too much people in America, I think all the nations laugh at us, because we stole such a great land, and look what we did with it! Shame really.
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  12. Yes. I think we are so incredibly misled

    ADD and ADHD is the result of shitty shallow education, inability to pursue dreams, requirement for money to achieve happiness

    Its all wrong, happiness is spiritual and much connected with the cosmos.

    Happiness isnt the american dream

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